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Hola a todos::hat off

I�ve finish a CD warriors unit and I have to put the shields on the warriors. I�ve 16 dwarven round shields, with the anvil,hammer and eagle to put on the shields. Then, I want a help with this; I�m going to put the dwarf anvil on the shields, but maybe it should be very “dwarf” and not “chaos dwarf”…

What do you think? If the answer is not use these shields, which shields can I use?

Thanks. And sorry, my English is very bad!!


Hi welcome to the site ,add some flames on the

hammer and anvil and a beard! to the eagle .

I would use other shields or CHAOS up those you have:hat


Put the rune of hashut on them.


I use either Ogre Kingdeoms gut plates as shields or the shield from this guy (which can be ordered separately):



Do like everyone and use the maurauder spure shield sigh.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I used the Marauder shields, they look fine and the size is right too.


I’m looking at using the bucklers from the Dwarf Crossbows/Thunderers set or maybe the bucklers from the Mordheim sprue for my big hat CD warriors.

Yeah, they look kind of weenie, but they give a different “foreign” look to the unit I think.


It’s relatively easy to remove the dwarf icons and sculpt or paint dawi’zharr or chaos icons on. If you’re a bit rough with this you can leave them blank as battle worn equipment

Uzkul Werit:

I use the big tower shields from the Men at Arms with a lightning bolt painted on them.


Wouldn’t they be to big for dwarfs?


More like waaaayyy to big for a CD warrior.