[Archive] CD Special characters

Alan the evil:

In the first three issues of the CD webzine there are descritpion of Astragoth, Gorduz and Zathan the black…

I’m wondering: Are there some other special characters in the history/pasted armybooks of CD?

I hope to see in future issues other warhammer fantasy special characters (well, there is also to describe unit of Zathan’s immortal!!)

And another fast question: the rules of our special characters are official rules or some personal developments?


Thommy H:

The only three special characters that have ever officially existed for Chaos Dwarfs are Astragoth, Zhatan and Ghorduz Backstabber. There was a special character for a scenario in White Dwarf called the Black Dwarf (he was just a Sorcerer Lord with particular magic items who couldn’t be harmed) and Rykarth the Unbreakable who was created for the Nemesis Crown Campaign (but he wasn’t very flashy - just a Hero with certain magic items and a special rule that made him count as a battle standard bearer).

There will be other characters and units appearing in the Word of Hashut, based on things that have or do exist in the current background. I can’t speak for the magazine, but as the guy who writes these rules, I’m not particularly interested in just inventing random stuff, so the new things will be grounded in what is known already (i.e. we won’t just invent a Sorcerer with a bunch of special rules - we’ll do Ghorth the Cruel or something).

And no, they aren’t official. I write them, and I think they’re pretty balanced, but do feel free to give feedback if you use them in your own games and find them too powerful or not powerful enough.

Alan the evil:

Did you write them?
Good work tommy!!

I like too much your descrition of Astragoth: he’s too cool.

They are well balanced… and i’m courios to see your work on Zhatan’s  immortal.

Thommy H:

Thanks. I’m glad you liked them.

The Immortals will be appearing in the upcoming issue of Word of Hashut, yeah.

Border Reiver:

Somthing similar to Dwarf Ironbreakers or Hammerers?


I would guess you will have your answer any day now… :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

The Immortals will be appearing in the upcoming issue of Word of Hashut, yeah.

Thommy H
HEY! I just became an Immortal! Am I going to get interviewed? :D


if i see it right,you became the hated one

so nobody will interview you :wink: