[Archive] CD stuff for trade

Fuggit Khan:

Cleaning out the bits box time…what you see is what you get folks. This is stuff that I’m up for trading off: 1) a Scibor 50mm base, broken ruins/rocks. 2&3) Magma cannon crew. 4) FW bling bling spinner rims. 5) Iron Daemon smoke stack and assorted stuff, smoke stack is broken and what you see is what you get, I think some of the arrows are missing. 6-10) metal CD’s, 8&10 are mint, the others are scuffed up a bit, looks like someone stripped them with a wire brush? 11) Chaos marauder shield sprues, each one missing a single shield.

And this is what I want, especially the wheels. Please note I’m only looking for this particular wheel style, not the Empire, Skaven, WOC ones. If interested (any reasonable offer will be cool), please PM me, everything is numbered to help make it easier.


PM sent!

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Fuggit Khan:

The shield sprues are vouched for…the FW bits are still a work in progress (but likely soon gone). Everything else is still available, so far.
And thanks to those of you who have contacted me :cheers

LATEST UPDATE: The FW goodies are now gone…

FINAL UPDATE: IT’S ALL GONE FOLKS, thank you to everybody for all the responses :slight_smile: