[Archive] CD Terrain


I really like the new plastic warhammer terrain, so I’m going to be making some to go with my CDs.

Firstly, any ideas on how to Chaos Dwarfify theese ruins?

I don’t think they need much work, but I am going to add on some Hashut runes and also a stone Lammasu in the centre.��I am going to attemp to paint them a sort of black/red marble.

Anyone think of anything characterfull I could add?


give the skull a beard and a hat!

seriously, id maybe make(if i were good with GS) a sarcophocus of a chaos dwarf immortal.


put an alter in the middle with the symbol of Hashut on it, then moddel some CD statues, or bull centaur statues I huess onto the corners and make it sort of like a temple of the chaos dwares, also add a forked tounge to the skull (symbol of Hashut from bloodbowl) and enjoy


You could also add a big cauldron or slave cage,gibbets etc:hat

Those are nice ruins i like the bull skull motif