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OK. I am new to this forum and am just starting jonesing for a army to play an army very underappritiated and fun. At first I thought High elves and them thought “What the %#&@ was I thinking!” I want to play Chaos Dwarfs! I know that the models are not supported and haven’t been for some time. There is a guy at my LGS that owns a CD army and it just calls to me. I have in my hands a Lammusa with Sorcerer and Azeroth(?) for insperation. My idea for CDs is a Techromancy theme in which the war machines are converts from WH40k models and the monsters are mechnical. Its probably been done, but for the Earth Shaker, I want to use the Bambard Canon from Forge World and for the Death rocket, use the Grot bomb! The Bull Centaurs would be IronBreakers tops on the new Mechanical horse bodys from the empire. And for my Lord, use an old squat battle suit model. What do you guys think? Any idea on the conversions for regular troops and blunderbusses?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think it will be incredibly expensive, but the end result will be FAR more than worth it! Normal troops, use Ironbreakers would be easiest to show mechanics and for the BBs, use handmande robots with guns (use random sheets of metal from other models and get a humanoidish form…).


This sounds crazy cool! Don’t forget, you need a [[Kollossus]] in there!

Rock on!


that would be expensive

The Dark One:

sounds cool, good luck


Check out these links




I think the idea is a great one. I will no doubt be able to some up with a few specific ideas for conversions in the coming weeks.


Yay Chaos Dwarfs with bolters and lascannons!

the top two are pretty cool, thanks for those