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My brother and I are trying to work up some CD themed terrain.

What visual style have you guys done for yours?

Has anyone tried modeling Hobgoblin yurts or teepees?

That sort of temporary dwelling seems best for the nomadic hobgoblins.

Any ideas on how to model this in 28mm?

As for the big hats themselves, I’m somewhat at a loss.

I am thinking something a little steampunkish though…


There probably wouldnt be too much CD terrain unless its a tower of a fortification. Hobgoblin huts or camp sounds cool though, maybe some kinda of hobgobbo look out tower. I imagine them as the outer ring of defense/alarm.


Hobgoblin shelters sound great. I’m no modeller but I shouldn’t imagine they’re too hard to create… Cardboard tube with a conical tube on top for the roof a door cut in and good bitz added eg. Shields,skulls and spears. Maybe try to make the roof or whole thing covered in animal skins or furs with stitching. Aim for a very rough orcy look.


I´m planning to make my terrain a mixture of mines, volcanoes and a dark ancient mesopotamian city, with a big zikkurat as center, probably surrounded by a couple smaller ones and densely built living quarters… think Babylon in Oliver Stones “alexander”, but twisted and black! (and smaller scale - it´s still supposed to be a smaller outpost, not a large city! :slight_smile: )


I think,this here is a cool idea and the execution is breathtaking. Perhaps i will use it as inspiration even if it is too big for me:



I think that a classic steam punk look would be cool.think about the iron demon FW kit, because that could give you some idea for what buildings would look like if you can see the design in the warmachines


You should decide where you want the terrain to be themed to first imo.

The dark lands has a lot of different types of terrain, whilst the plain of zharr has the majority of the buildings.

Some good links for inspiration:


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Kera foehunter:

like this sweetie

CoolMiniOrNot Forums -


@ Kera: Cool thing for the hobgobs, but i think i will try to convert it from the GW-huts:

Remove the grass, add stones, lava et voila!


what are those huts from?


An old piece of terrain by GW, i nearly discarded mine during the last cleaning session in my hobby room but thanks to Kera it has found a new reason for existance. @ Kera: Have a slave!