[Archive] CD things for Legendary Battles


The guys over on Dakka are having some fun putting together some rules for Legendary Battle things for all races, and I thought it would be fun to add some CD things to their list.

So it can be large monsters/war machines/some other crazy invention.

It could also be a particular formation of things like you see in Apocalypse.

You can just throw out ideas, or write up some rules for them as well.


The massive and infernal machines the Chaos Dwarfs use in their subterranean mines for quickly cutting tunnels and passages through mountains could be useful on a massive battlefield. While they’re likely to be slow, many of them lined up side by side along with other daemonic machines would mow through just about anything that wouldn’t/couldn’t get out of the way on a battlefield in time.

I’ve been thinking that a half-daemonic arachnid type machine (driven by a Chaos Dwarf seated inside, like a tank) could be fun. Especially if it was used as a more mobile double-barrelled Hellcannon that had a big scoop attached to something like a scorpion’s tail that could reach underneath itself and heft up loads of bodies from the battlefield to shovel into its diabolical furnaces as fuel.  I was actually thinking of something like this as a unit filler for a 5x4 or 5x5 unit where each of four legs would occupy corners of the unit and two of the front most legs would be reaching forward with bloody blades on the tips.

…  however I need to get back to the rest of my unit fillers and my painting(!!) before I start trying to do any more.



some sort of gigantic siege gun like big bertha or somthing


I have collected some crazy ideas, but yeah i want to build them first before giving them away :slight_smile:


Once I get some more feedback for my CD submission over there I will post it here (as I have no intention of building it).

I had 2 other ideas, one for Dwarfs and one for Skaven.

The Dwarfs one is basically a HUGE grudgethrower, using the apocalypse template!  It would have say 10 Dwarf crew.

The Skaven one my idea is a mobile workshop that produces mini doomwheels during the battle (or something similar), and has a very special warp lightning cannon that bounces between units (friend or foe)!  So it doesn’t have to have line of sight at all.

Uzkul Werit:

Really big units of Rabble and Great Taurus squadrons.

Ancient History:

Hellcannon Battery! :smiley:

Leon Brachwurster:

How about a Seismic-Aerial-Missile. S.A.M for short. A giant doom rocket that acts like a Earthshaker in effect, but uses the Barrage template from 40k? Maybe 3+D3 hits.


how about a bull centaur stampede?a really big unit of bc

or a greater deamon of hashut(thatone would be cool)

Hashut’s Blessing:

There’s always the choice of having a Massed Battery of Earthshakers (as many as you want counting as a single rare choice) :wink:


I have some ideas for this upcoming…