[Archive] CD vs O&G


So I just had my very first battle with Chaos Dwarfs. I faced off against my friend with Orcs and Goblins. He went with a hoard style army focused on combat (with standard issue Grimgore Ironhide) and with little shooting or magic. I went with a fairly balanced army, but a little magic heavy.

Given his army composition, I sat back and shot, making him come to me. Most of the game was him slowly advancing across the battlefield complaining about earthshakers, and wading through his own fanatics prematurely released thanks to some sacrificial hobbo wolf riders.

Due to me being terrified of a black orc unit with Grimgore (immune to pych & hating everyone), I gave some special attention to that unit. At turn five, all my shooting had left Grimgore alone, and after a few turns of moving 2" per turn, he was finally going to get a charge off in turn six. Unfortunately, that is exactly when one of those wayward fanatics decided to go his way, and took all three wounds off him before he got the charge off. That had to be one of the funniest things I’d ever seen in Warhammer.


you had some luck there!, what points were you playing with?


Just goes to show why Greenskins are a slave race :smiley:


really? the fanatic took all his wounds? What about His armor and ward save? After the strength and armor piercing of the fanatic he should still have a 4+ armor save and 5+ ward save. he failed all that? not to mention his toughens of 5… Seems like the impossible happened:o


We were playing 2250.

And yes, he rolled 6 hits, 3 wounded, he failed all his 4+ armor saves and all his 5+ ward saves. What are the chances?!

Besides this, the fanatic started 7" away from Grimgore. What are the chances it went right at him (even my friend could not deny it) and had movement enough to get to him?


it was a happy day for all chaos dwarfs :cheers

(my record in rolling bad dice numbers is 11 ones my friend flew out of his chair :slight_smile:

Groznit Goregut:

It actually sounds like a boring game. I just realized that the earthshaker can turn CD’s into the most annoying gunline there is. I’d hate to play against such an army.

Serves him right, though, for dumping the points into Grimgor Ironhide, though.


Sounds hilarious. :cheers

I had a fanatic fly between two opposing generals on monstrous mounts once. Killed both the riders and left the mounts to fight… :o