[Archive] cd vs some vampires


well I decided to play my good friend steve last week. We played a 2250 game

my list

cd lord

hammer of hashut

talisman of protection

armor of gazrakh

cd hero

banner of slavery

chaos sorcerer

dispell scroll

bitting blade

chaos sorcer

dispell scroll

sword of might

3 units of 20 chaos dwarfs

full command

2 units of 12 blunderbusses

2 units of 15 slaves

only light armor and shield

2 units of 10 slaves

only with bows

2 bolt throwers

2 death rockets

2 earthshakers ( unfortunatly I don’t have my bull centaurs finished)

his list ( unfortunatly I don’t know what things he had)

Vampire lord

2 vampire heros

1 necromancer

3 units of 15 skelies

2 units of 5 dire wolves

corspe cart

1 unit of 15 grave guard

7 cairn wraiths


one sorcerer had the lore of fire while the other tool the lore of shadow

on fire I got conflagiration of doom and the first spell

The other got pit of shades and the first spell as well

Set up

another friend of ours set up the terrain. So here was the set up

Middle unit had my hero and lord. Chaos dwarf unit on the left got the fire sorcerer the one on the right has the shadow sorcer

Each unit of skelies had one vampire in them. the middle skelies has the lord

Necromancer is in the grave guard

Turn 1 Me

Well I just moved up both units of hob bows and blunder busses. Onto the magic phase. but alas nothing went off for me(dang). shooting time. Everything took aim at the middle unit hoping I might get lucky. Unfortunatly everything landed dead on the unit except for one bold thrower. He managed to fail a look out sir  for the lord with one earthshaker but I got a 1 to wound the lord.Left the unit down to one skelie ( great turn one)

Vamp turn 1

First off he marched everything foward making sure to to set up the charge against my hob bows next turn with his next turn. His magic phase. He keeps getting the spell off to raise the broken unit of skelies back up. Unfortunatly for me I can’t even dispell one of those spells ( just bad rolling oh well).  down to one he manages to bring back the unit to full strength plus 1 more. No shooting for him so that is the end of his turn

my turn 2

Well seeing that the wolves were going to charge I move up my hobgoblins to shoot. Unfortunatly the blunder busses are both to short to shoot does dirty dead dogs Xb. The rest of the army hold there ground just waiting to break some bones. In my magic phase I berely get off conflagiration of doom on his lord’s unit. But quickly steve uses a dispell scroll. My other sorcere still can’t seem to get the spell off.  Shooting my hobgoblins quickly open fire. On the left side I manage to wipe out the entire wolf unit. On the right I only manage to pick off one. As for the war machines everything open fires at the same unit but for my good luck last turn I get a bad turn. both death rockets and earthshakers fly way off there intended target. I manage to slow down the corpse. both bolt throwers hit and killing three.

vampire turn 2

The unit of dire wolves charge the unit of hobgoblins. Well lucky for me I pass the fear check and give the order to stand and shoot. Did’nt managed to kill anything. The rest of the army marches foward. magic once again comes around all but one vampire raise up there individual units. But one manages to get off wind of undeath. seeing it was the last spell i throw three dice and come up with two 1s and a six. so with that he get 7 wounds. two stands of spirit hosts. they appear right in front of the unit hobgoblins slaves to the left of my lord unit. close combat the wolves just rip three hobgoblins in half and manage to win by one. fearing for there lives they flee but get caught. now the wolves crash against the units of blunderbusses behind them.

my turn three.

well now that his army is half wait i see myself charging next turn. seeing that my lord unit was unable to charge the spirit hosts i use my hobgoblins instead. they pass there fear test and get ready to take some pain. magic phase now my luck gets even worse my fire sorcere miscasts and BAM double ones on the chart. he is straight up gone( we both just laughed since that is what steve said that would happend) My other sorcerer finally gets off pit of shades but of coarse steve uses his last scroll. Shooting time. For another time I aim all ahead full to the lord unit. Well one earthshaker misfires and explodes. (just awesome XD)as for the other one it redirects ten inches right towards me landing one inch infront of my own lord unit. Of coarse I roll double sixes to see how far it shakes the ground. As for the death rockets they hit dead on and kill ten skelies. One bolt thrower aims for his grave guard unit and misses. As for the other it misses the recently shot up skelie with lord unit. In close combat the wolves kill three cds and I manage to do 1 wound but we end up tying. As for the spirit hosts miss everything. I manage to win by four killing one stand of hosts.

Vampire turn 3

seeing as I couldn’t charge him next turn he moves up everything but no charges. His wraiths moves in range to make my right unit of cds and my lord’s unit test for terror next turn. So magic time. He does’nt get one spell off thanks to my own scrolls and well horrible rolling. Back to close combat the wolves all manage to hit but nothing on wounding. as for me I managed to take out two and last crumbles. The hosts manage to keep up there bad luck and miss all there attacks. so my hobgoblins win by four managing to kill the last stand of hosts.

My turn 4

well seeing that I could’nt really charge with my stronge units I just ready to line for the massive charge next turn. But first I must take some terror checks. First the non lord unit they managed to roll a 10 to pass there terror. As for the lord unit he does’nt do so well he rolls an 11 since my bsb was there I tried it again. but of coarse I roll double  6s and they start to flee making them panic plenty of things. Of coarse my bad luck stays. Everything flees execpt the unit of cd’s on the left one unit of hobgoblins. Everything else just broke down running. Seeing how I coun’t run far I was garrenteed to be charged and keep fleeing off the table. So seeing that I could’nt really win i just called it( yes I know I forgot about the blunder busses and bows on the left. For some reason I thought they died. weird I know)

Final thoughts well this would have been a longer match if my rolls did’nt go so horribly. i think that is the worst rolling I have ever done XD but hey what can I do. still had a fun time playing


Looks good. One of my most constant opponent is Vampires, and I have trouble with them also. I have learned the best thing to do is take out fliers first, and their characters always outclass mine in combat.

Only thing is, your sorcerers can’t take those magic weapons and such. You can only take magic weapons/armor if you can take normal weapons/armor, which they cant.


yeah I know I was just a few points shy so we just put those in. I would have used more hobgoblins but did’nt bring enough models. XD not like it helped much anyway


Its cuz you didnt have a taurus! Sike there pretty usless for terror bombing againt undead…


Demonprince- did you by any chance get photos of the game? This is a pretty good battle report.