[Archive] CD Warhammer Forge List


I’m trying to think of what Chaos Dwarf models there are and will be in the new Warhammer Forge range (So I can work out what I should get tbh)

So far I know of the:
Magma Cannon
Crew Set
Siege Bombard
Demolition Rocket
Steam Train Engine (Ramming Spikes and 2 Cannons)
Bull Centaurs
Hobgoblins (Foot and Wolf Rider)
Greater Taurus

And I’ve heard rumors of:
Chaos Dwarf Warriors
Blunderbusses with Tower

Death Rocket
Sneaky Gits

Am I missing anything? Does anyone know any of the other things being made/rumored? Any predictions of other things? (I’ll update this list for convenience)


Murdock :smiley:


Hobgoblins on foot and wolf riders.

I predict Death Rocket and Earthshaker, as they are well known CD war machines.  Also a Sorcerer.

Not sure whether you’d count it as a separate thing, but the blunderbussers were rumoured to have a tower type thing to go on the bombard base chassis.


Thanks massively, I’ll update the list with those to help people keep track of the rumors and predictions and whatnot

I really hope your predictions are right because an Earthshaker would be amazing :smiley:


I guess with the siege bombard we’d then effectively have 2 new CD Earthshaker cannons :smiley:


The bombard appears to be more of a city leveller than an earthshaker. :smiley:


And I've heard rumors of:
Bull Centaurs
Hobgoblins (Foot and Wolf Rider)

Chaos Dwarf Warriors
Blunderbusses with Tower
Greater Taurus

Murdock129Seeing the illustrations and conceptual art that already has thaught Loki, with are marked in green almost surely that they appear.


I was told by the guys on the stand that hobgoblins on foot and mounted and bull centaurs would certainly be done as Henroth pointed out we have concept art for these as well :slight_smile:


Anyone have the concept art of the hobgoblins and do they look like the old ones?


The HG art looked very Mongol, like the DoW HGs.


Yep much more DoW-ish in concept. I wonder if production will look like this.