[Archive] cd what do they do daily

Kera foehunter:

what do you think a chaos Dwarf does on a regular day


whips slaves for fun, and trys to make an even bigger hat :hat


have “so you think you can dance” contest be shooting at slaves feet. some slavers were killed in the making of the show, but its funny how they died.


A common Chaos Dwarf wake up early in he morning, commute to Zharr Nagrund to work in factories or offices, try to pick up nice workmates. Go back home to have lunch then to the pub to watch Blood Bowl Champions League! Oh yeaaaah.


They punch their munchkins all day long…


Plan to take over the world! Evil laugh.

What they do for most of the day would depend entirely on their job.

Kera foehunter:

get up drink a cup of lava and wounder what the poor cd are doing

while to get ready to go shopping for some cool boots


I believe CD´s have a huge bureaucracy!

The hole life, if not raiding for slaves, is very regimented!

And not to forget the time they must worship their god (Hashut).

The only plesure they have is to torture slaves :sick, to drink much beer :cheers and try to make lots of new CD´s ;), ahhh and to make a small war (as a nice variaty in their daily routine) …


Kera foehunter:

well join us Pirates drinking looting and killling and that before brealfast