[Archive] CDO is Six Months Old!

The Flying Beaver:

Today we’re celebrating yet another milestone: the first half-birthday of Chaos Dwarfs Online! Thanks to you, the members of CDO and everyone who contributes to what makes this a great forum, we’ve become an incredibly fast growing forum and doing good work for our Lord Hashut. Also, let us all welcome our 325th member, Ingrown.

Here’s to looking forward to our one-year anniversary! :cheers


Yay us, where 6 months old, hmmm, i was sure i was a bit taller


Whooo … me. Who makes the avatars, most seem to have been made by the same person


I make them, there is a thread stickied in the Off-Topic section. :slight_smile:

Welcome to CDO!



6 months and growing.


Hal is in dire need of an Avatar. Unless not having one is “how he rolls.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Hashut’s Blessing:

6 months? That felt like no time at all. Shows how great the site is!


awww… six months old and it can already walk and talk and come up with rumours about a new army book. Dats soooo cute.


Congrats Xander, it’s really starting to take off now. (despite the teething problems…:slight_smile: )

Have one on me, :cheers


Traitor King:

Well…Go team!

6 Mounthgs and already still going strong and gaining members. I also recon that it is the begining of a forum that is the hardest, starting up the community. Once you’ve got a community, it will expand as is starting to happen now.

Props to the mods/admins!