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Hi all.

For those who haven’t realised, I’m part of the committee for Game 08. Someone has to pay for the seminar room’s posters (i.e. sponser the room), and I’ve decided to fork out of my own pocket & make that someone CDO. Partially out of a want to promote us, and partially as I’ve not persuaded anyone else yet and time, like the CDs, is short.

For this, I could do with a nice graphic (like the banner above) at something in the region of 300-600 DPI. Is such an item available and otherwise can anyone make it over the weekend?

Further, if anyone wants to chip in, I can put more than two posters up. It’s currently £19 for two posters to be printed. Even if the regulars can just throw a pound or two in the kitty, it will all add up. PM me if interested.


How big a poster do you need?


I can make the banners, as Grim said, how large should they be?

This sounds cool! We’ll require pictures afterwards!! :smiley:

EDIT: He said about 6 inches. So here it is. Make sure you Save As the picture to get it in PNG form!


Just to be clear, We’re putting the event poster up. We’ll put a CDO banner at the top of the poster in a “CDO Presents…” sort of way.

The posters will be portrait A1.

The room we’ll be sponsering features CMG tourneys, a LARP, a chess tourney, the Film Festival and some seminars. It should kick rs.

GW will be in attendance at the convention. All the more reason for folks to come to Manchester in their CDO shirts.


Attached in above post. I also emailed it to you.


Once the poster is put together, I’ll make a web-friendly version.

I’ll have the events on the web site link back to CDO if possible.


I suggest accepting Paypal donations. I’ll kick in.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I was about to say, before reading Willmark’s post: PM me your paypal and I’ll send a little cash your way…

Thanks for using us a sponsor!


OK folks, paypal is <~ slev01 at gmail dot com ~>

£19 buys two more posters. I’m pitching in for a set of two myself. Every penny helps. Any shrapnel left over after the posters I will donate to the charity we’re sponsoring this year.

I’ll be wearing a Game 08 shirt all weekend, but I may be able to wear my CDO shirt during set-up…

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What happens to the posters after the event? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I’d like to put more in, but until I have a job, £10 is all I can spare.


What happens to the posters after the event? :P

EDIT: I'd like to put more in, but until I have a job, £10 is all I can spare.

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I'm sure I can give posters out to CDO members afterwards. Say to the n-1 highest bidders and a random draw for the last one.

I don't have many slaves, but I'll give one to every donation from a non-admin, until I run out.


the second one could be a price for a golden hat


Nice thought dude.

I’ll see how many we have after the event, then we can come up with something appropriate.


Just a quick bump as this is due to go to print in a little over 24 hours.


Any chance we could see the poster as it exists, currently?


At the minute, it’s a pile of images/texts that’s being put together in final form today. I’ll post a version tonight if you need to see it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

My PayPal says the money has been sent now.


HB: I got you donation a little while back. Thx. You’ve personally accounted for 1/3 of what we’ve raised thus far.

I’ve sent a preview image to Xander so he can post it here. The CDO logo is not quite right, but it should give everyone the right idea.

Depending on how many donations we get in before I have to send this to press tomorrow, I may have to take us down a paper size or two in order to have enough to go around the venue. I’ll play it by ear.


Donation sent.

This message was automatically appended because it was too short.


Order made.

Posters should be here just in time for Game 08.

Thx to everyone who donated. I kicked in a few extra quid to take us up to the next buy level.

After the event, I’ll post as many posters as I can gather to Xander, so he can hand them out as prizes, once I’ve posted one to each contributor thus far.