[Archive] CDO WAR Guild?


As many of you know, Warhammer Online is coming out soon, and from what i’ve seen guilds are going to be a major part of the game. Seeing as how this is one of the best Warhammer communities out there I was wondering if anyone wanted to prepare a guild (one for Order and another for Destruction) in game…BTW i will be playing a Goblin Shaman so you know…

Also, Please choose only one Guild Head/Standard Bearer/Guild Name per voter.

zorn sabretooth:

hell yeah great idea!!!

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

well me and zorn was going together as a little group so sure why not :hat off


What Faction were you guys gonna be?

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

evil mwhahaha

and i’m going to be DE BG i think zorn is going to be DE as well



Looks like you gits needs a Goblin Shaman he he he…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

do you know if they got rid of the BG someone told me they did


http://www.warhammeronline.com/index.php, don’t know what you mean with bg, but you can look it up at the link in the beginning of the post. and you musn’t forget that there probably will be diffrent versions for each continent, so we need more then one guild.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

BG-black guard


I’m Not sure, recently I noticed some classes being removed from the pages like the Dwarf Hammerer, Orc Choppa, Knight of The Blazing Sun etc. I’ll check on it

good point furrie, but until we know the worlds we’ll have to wait. Also, are you interested in joining the guild?


not sure if I will play WAR, but if I do I will join

Hashut’s Blessing:

I will likely be a Dwarf Engineer, a White Lion and a Withc Hunter. Also, I shall be a Chaos Chosen, a Goblin Squig Herder and a Disciple of Khaine.

Several careers were remopved (it’s mentioned in the news section). What is left are the following:

Chaos: Chosen, Magus, Zealot, Marauder.

Greenskins: Black Orc, Shaman, Squig Herder.

Dark Elves: Witch Elf, Disciple of Khaine, Sorceress.

Empire: Bright Wizard, Warrior Priest, Witch Hunter.

Dwarfs: Ironbreaker, Runepriest, Engineer.

High Elves: Swordmaster, Archmage, Shadow Warrior, White Lion.

I’ll happily join (P.S. I got the pre-order set, so I should be levelled up a little and get a cool item and stuff too). It seems it’ll be a Destruction Guild, at the moment. I’m in England if that helps. I’ll use my Chosen for the most part for the guild, but will likely play my Dwarf more than anything else.


Mwahahahahahahahhahahaha, with a mod in the guild, no one can stop us, hehehehehe…

but still, it’s great that people are interested in joining. If only we could match those dudes at Da Warpath…


I am likely getting WAR and have decided to play a Chosen on the path of retaliation.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Mwahahahahahahahhahahaha one hundred million dollars.

I just had to do that.


Goblinslayer, is that your strange way of saying you will join the guild?


Coming from an experienced hardcore mmo gamer, you guys should collectively make a few decisions ahead of time:

Allegiance (good vs evil)

Rate of Leveling (hardcore, casual, etc)

Goals (Raiding, Sack Capitol City, small groups)

Balance (make sure you have healers not all nukers)

Guild Name, Guild Rules (don’t flame, don’t camp bodies, and other etiquette)

there are others but I am tired and forgettful :wink:


To answer your questions Vexxus

1. This is an evil guild (mwahahahahaha)

2. I was aiming just for casual leveling, but hoping to have both if we grow large enough

3. Mostly Keep Capture/small group i guess

4. Working towards that currently

5. This guild is basically the WAR representation of this beloved website. Most of if not all of the rules apply. all game specific rules apply( IE: don’t camp bodies etc.)

Personally, I was hoping for a bit more support behind this, but i’m not sure if people here are tooo interested…If anyone is interested in helping me make this become a reality please PM me.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

It is my strange way of joining the guild, me be black orc.



due to balance issues, i will now be entering the field as a Goblin Shaman (much of what people have chosen are tank classes, need to help max it out. Also noticed the recent lack of the tiny greenies)

@Filipicusius: so you are joining our guild?