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@Cryonicleech: Yes, indeed i am.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m more than happy to help make this a reality. I’m likely to have one of each Chaos career. That way, I can be whatever is needed. I was thinking casual levelling and gaming, maybe once we’ve levelled up a bit, played together a bit and the like, got a fair few members, we could attempt some capital sacking :smiley: Just for fun, mind…



p.s. @ Filipicusis: cool

@Hashut’s Blessing: and after that, we can also capture a keep. Who doesn’t love the idea of a giant fortress filled with CDO’s awesome community? Also, i’m glad that you and so many others are willing to join.


Just another word to the wise: Opening day that the game goes live, is always a crazy day, with everyone rushing in and vying for position, and to make a name for themselves in the game. As no one likes to wait around and not play, be sure that you have a system in place to choose which server you will be on, a system that does not require communication on opening day, which WILL be chaotic.

In an attempt to apply my experience (as a hardcore gamer in competitive guils in EQ, EQ2, WoW) I will give you examples


Alpha sort the server list, and choose the first on the list!


Alpha sort the list and choose the last on the list.


Leave the list intact, and choose the third server with the letter “N” in it.

In the bad example, this method is very successful in everyone understanding how to find the right server, but the problem here is that EVERYONE (especially n00bs) have this plan, and you will wind up on a laggy overpopulated server, where starting a character means competition with way too many people, only to find that your server population later dies off completely as people search for less lag.

The better example is only marginally better, it retains ease of finding, as it is non-complex, but any server too near to the start or the end of a sort, will have the same problems as above but lesser in severity.

The best example is more complex, but this also means more random, and surely less likely the victim of n00b overloads, or coming up against a large hardcore guils on the opposite faction, that will grief your guild until the end of time :wink:

The letter N was arbitrary, come up with anything reasonable that will generate a middle of the pack random server that everyone can figure out themselves as soon as they connect to the game.

Hope this was helpful!




Vexxus, thank you for that lovely post. I didn’t have a definite idea on how we were going to choose a server.

seeing as how i am perhaps one of the most unimaginative monkeys in the world when in comes to picking a random letter, we’ll probably go with the 3rd server with the letter N in it, though we’ll see how it goes.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Here is some info on Guilds in WAR found it on a WAR site.

[edit] General

Updated guild profile layout.

Updated guild calendar layout.

Guild roster layout

Outdated guild admin layout from Beta Update 6.Guilds tend to facilitate development of communities and thereby improve a players involvement in the game. Guilds will be an integral part of WAR, affording players distinct bonuses and encouraging them to form social relationships with other players. Guilds will have access to several exclusive features that will mostly help them co-ordinate their in-game actions:

Profile - shows a descriptive summary of the guild, including website and contact details, statistics, and a message of the day.

Roster - provides details of all guild members and allows players to track online members.

News - automates guild news such as guild creation, members joining and leaving, and guild promotions.

Calendar - allows guilds to view, set up, and manage guild events. The Calendar can be viewed by month, date, and year, and summaries and details can be added to each event. Additionally, there is a sign-up list which allows guild members to sign up for specific events, and provides an option to allow members with the appropriate permissions to Accept and Decline sign ups.

Banners - the emblem or insignia of the guild will be displayed at several key points in the game. Guild members can be designated as banner bearers, and carrying a banner into combat will provide special bonuses, although the banner bearer will have to give up some of their own abilities.

Alliances - guilds will be able to form official alliances between themselves and up to ten other guilds in their realm, to aid co-ordination and co-operation.

Generally, guilds are organized in a hierarchical structure, with one person acting as guild leader, a small group of guild officers and a larger number of guild members. There will only ever be one leader, but other officers and members can be assigned to one of up to nine hierarchical levels.

Guilds will have access to a communal guild hall, which will be an instanced space in a building in one of the capital cities where all players in all guilds can chat and generally hang out, meet friends and form guild alliances.

Any six players of the same faction can go to a capital city and create a guild, for a nominal fee.

[edit] Living guildsIn WAR, a guild will be a living institution that will grow and thrive according to the success of its members. Guilds can gain ranks, almost the same way as player characters. There will be no less than 40 ranks to be gained for a guild, and progression through the ranks will allow guild members access to special perks, such as cloaks, standards and related tactics, potions, titles, merchants and other crafting resources, transportation options, and heraldic emblems.

The players’ achievements doesn’t only contribute to the character’s advancement, but also to the guild’s advancement, such as public quests, tome unlocks, exploration, RvR etc. The guild’s experience is not drawn in any way from the player character’s gained experience, instead the player character has a separate pool for the guild’s experience. In order to prevent massive guilds dominating the game, members of larger guilds will individually contribute less to their guild than members of smaller guilds. Also, pure guild quests are not currently planned, but are being discussed.

Guild Levels and Rewards:

Level 1

Guild Vault

Level 2

Taxes and Tithes

Level 3

Guild Calendar

Level 4

Entry to Viper’s Pit

Can join Alliances

Level 5

Crafting Components

Level 6

Standard Bearer Post

Standard Bearer Titles

Guild Tactic Point

Level 7

Guild Auctions

Level 8

Objective Claiming

Guild Tactic Point

Level 9

Heraldry Reservations

Heraldry Base Pattern

Guild Levels and Rewards was taken from an image from Guild Highlight: Living Guild Advancement from the US WAR website Herald

[edit] Claiming keepsA Guild, assuming it has achieved the proper level, may ‘claim’ keeps in the game, once they are captured. Though any non-guilded player can take part in assaulting a keep and can capture it for their realm to gain the RvR benefits of owning a keep, once the battle has been won, a guilded player carrying a banner can capture the central point of the keep so that its control is switched to the player’s respective guild. Claiming a keep will allow the guild to hang their banner from the keep ramparts, along with any banners captured from enemy guilds. Controlling a keep will also give a bonus to the guild’s rank.


Goblinslayer, thank you for that wonderful post.

Now that we have the general idea down, now we have to begin the actual work.

We’ll start off with a simple Roster

Cryonicleech-Goblin Shaman

Thane Godri Goblinslayer-Black Orc

Hashut’s Blessing-All Chaos Classes

Filipiscusius-Chaos Chosen

Godbob and his jolly rogers-Class Unknown

Furrie-unknown, may or may not join

Zorn sabretooth-Class Unknown

As for Server, alphabetize the list and choose the third server with the letter N (remember this, IMPORTANT)

Guild rules are based on our forums, as are the ranks.

more later, Cryonicleech

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Here is some more info on the fronts of WAR

Dwarf vs Greenskins Frontier

Oathbearers Ekrund Barak Varr Black Fire Pass Kadrin Valley

Neutral Thunder Mountain

Bloody Sun Boyz Mount Bloodhorn Marshes of Madness Badlands Black Crag

The Empire vs Chaos Frontier

Order of the Griffon Nordland Ostland Talabecland Reikland Altdorf

Neutral Praag

Raven Host Norsca Troll Country High Pass Chaos Wastes The Inevitable City

High Elf vs Dark Elf Frontier

Shining Guard Chrace Ellyrion Saphery Eataine

Neutral Dragonwake

House Uthorin Blighted Isle Shadowlands Avelorn Mountains of Caledor


Thanks again, Goblinslayer, your posts are appreciated.

Now even though we’ll all be different races, and we’ll all be in different zones, we need to choose an area in which to claim a keep.

the three areas

High Elf/Dark Elf Areas

Empire/Chaos Area

Greenskin/Dwarf area.

post your choices here



I’m taking the standard!!!

And how 'bout a guild name?

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Actually, we can have three standard bearers.  I propose we get one standard from the greenskin race, one from the dark elf race and one from the chaos race.  

  I think our guild area should be the Inevitable City, it is the capital of all destruction.

  EDIT: And i think you can make a chaos dwarf character out of a chosen.  Just make him as short as possible and if you can give him a beard give him one.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Huh? HB, what happened to the Hammerers?


@Hrothgar: A few of the classes were removed due to complications. Also, Altdorf and The Inevitable City are the only 2 capital cities in the game now.

@Filipicusius:I thought the name was: Chaos Dwarfs Online???

@ Goblinslayer: I mean Keep, not area. Keeps are outside of the Captial city.


Thanks again, Goblinslayer, your posts are appreciated.

Now even though we'll all be different races, and we'll all be in different zones, we need to choose an area in which to claim a keep.
the three areas
High Elf/Dark Elf Areas
Empire/Chaos Area
Greenskin/Dwarf area.

post your choices here

I would suggest choosing the city in which the most members will begin, as that will get the fastest results, and motivate stragglers to make the trek.

So once you see how your race spread shapes up, decide based on that :)


i’ll actually do that, thanks Vexxus!

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

I found info on keeps but it doesn’t say were they are specifically located at.


In order to capture a keep, players will have to fight their way into the keep through multiple levels past defending players and NPC guards. The appearance of a keep will vary according to which army controls it so that as a player it should be obvious whether a keep is held by friendly forces or not. Additionally, it will be possible for regiments to take over a keep, who will then be able to hang their regiment heraldry from the ramparts.

Summing up:

Keeps are permanent structures placed in strategic locations around the RvR territories.

Battlefield objectives are still a part of open world RvR and in some cases will even play a role in keep capture.

Anyone can participate in capturing a keep, but only regiments (guilds) can claim them.

Siege weapons can be built and used to capture keeps (although you can attack a keep without them).

NPC guards will support whomever controls a particular keep to ensure that keeps cannot change hands too easily.

Keeps will have multiple levels of combat space (and no ladders).

Keeps will change in appearance based on what faction controls them.

[edit] BasicsThere is at least one keep per realm, per zone in all Tier pairings except for Tier 1.

Tier 2 zones have one keep each (two per pairing).

Tier 3 zones have one keep each (two per pairing) with fortified outer walls.

Tier 4 zones have two keeps each for a total of six keeps.

The taking of a keep has three distinct stages:

Breach the exterior of the keep.

Breach the keep�?Ts inner sanctum.

Defeat the Keep Lord.

At the start of the game (or when the campaign resets), keep ownership is based on the zone in which they stand (i.e., the keep in Ostland is owned by the Empire and the two keeps in the Chaos Wastes are owned by Chaos). In the Tier 4 neutral zones, ownership of the two keeps is split with Order and Destruction each owning one. Each keep is ruled by a Keep Lord and his retinue of 4 bodyguards. In order to successfully capture a keep for your Realm, the Keep Lord must be killed. This plays out as Public Quest and rewards are based on the PQ contribution system. When the Keep Lord is killed, all remaining guards are killed (despawned), and new Keep Lord (with retinue) of the appropriate Realm will spawn.

In addition to the Keep Lords retinue, keeps will have guards stationed in and around their walls. The fighting over Battlefield Objective will dictate how many guards are located in the keep. The more Battlefield Objectives you hold, the more guards you have at your keeps. Guard levels are set to the maximum for the zone per standard RvR level caps (level 12 for Tier 1, level 23 for Tier 2, level 40 for Tiers 3 and 4).

Capturing an enemy keep will play heavily into RvR Zone Control. Once a keep is captured, the Zone Control meter will move significantly in favor of the victors.


I’ll need a new computer to play this game… So… I dunno what I am going to do. I do enjoy Warhammer enough to justify it…

I’d probably be a Chaos Warrior.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

This is the last question, I promise. Does this mean that Karaz-a-Karak is gone? Or is it now just a non-capital city or something?

I don’t know about joining a guild, but I’ll just join one I know (bugmans, this one, a Dwarven one) which seems to do well :slight_smile:


well, i was 100% dedicated to play this game, then black guard and all the decent classes for DE went away, so now I realy see no real reason to buy it, as what i was looking forward to is gone

dunno, might do just to be a chosen, probably not though


Yeah, Destruction has very few interesting classes. I’m actually enjoying Dwarfs more than anything else. :o