[Archive] Celtic knotwork on CD armour?


I’ve been playing around sculpting a bull centaur the last few evenings, I’ve noticed that because of the design there will be quite a few large areas of armour without any details on (most of the model infact…)

So I’ve been wondering what small details or patterns I can sculpt on?  Would celtic knotwork be too similar to Dwarfs?

I’d like it to be something fairly detailed if possible, if the CD can make armour like the one on the front of the WoC book they can do pretty much anything.

Last time I started sculpting a BC I had the idea of doing ‘crazy’ arrows based on the infinity symbol, the same symbol repeated (and mirrored) all over the model.  Would this be any good, or just too repetitive?


Check out some of Enigma’s minis for cool armour decoration. :slight_smile:


IMO celtic knotwork could do fine as long as it is sharper and more pointy that that used by the Dwarfs (and more chaotic in some fashion)

you could also consider doing stuff like this:

A piece made of metal skulls?

Something with these sorts of textures in it?

Just some suggestions haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m curious to see what you will be making, make sure to post some pics!


I wouldn’t do celtic stuff as that is, as you say, too close to normal Dwarfs. Why not look at Mesopotamian/Persian stuff for inspiration? Or just leave large areas of the armour plain - real armour usually was.


The skull thing tends to look corny, and not Khorn-ey as some think. I’m not sure I’d recommend that.

I’m not also sold on celtic knotwork. I think something more angular would be better. I was looking around a bit and found the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_interlace_patterns which are more geometric.


yo Grim, try looking at tribal tatoo “flash” i reckon the right design on a big single piece of armour like shoulder pads or thigh pieces could work, failing that some of the rackham pieces for reference (available through Ludic Bazaar), happy hunting


How about keep the same shapes but subtle add the spikes in where the runes connect/overlap?

So its both Cletic and chaosy?


I like the tribal tattoos. I think I will finish sculpting it then see what areas I have left.

He’s mostly in plate armour and will have some scalemail around the sides.

The Forgotten Warrior from enigma has got to be one of the coolest models I’ve seen in ages. I might borrow some of that for my model actually.


Told ya, Enigma! ^^

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What about the Hashut symbol?


Seeing as I’m going to be putting in the effort I’m going to try and get it cast and sold, so I can’t really go and use the hashut symbol on this one.

I’ve sculpted the mask, and it’s remarkably similar to judge dredd actually…

Edit: I’ll do a bit more work then take some pics over the weekend.