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I have about 100 centaurs and I want to build a army ,does anyone know if this has been done before,a centaur forum or army book?


What kind of Centaurs do you own?

Classic greek ones, the old GW Chaos ones or some others?

Could you post some pics?!



I’ve once seen a bretonnian army proxied with centaurs. Looked epic even if it was poorly painted…


This is the pictures sorry


They come from a lot of different manufacturers eureka old chaos centaurs heresy and one hundred kingdoms


Damn cool guys!

Sadly they aren’t painted yet!



I think this is my next project, was hoping the bull centaurs would be coming out soon,but I need to start something now,got emotional coming home from work need to occupy my mind with a project ,any suggestions on pts …THOMMY ,…HELP


Thommy H:

Beastmen - take Ghorros Warhoof and Centigors are Core.


I was hoping for a mores classical centaur pretty please

Thommy H:

Centigor stats work pretty well. Maybe an option for bows for +2 points or something? I’d have to look at them again.

Da Crusha:

whoa cool army. Ive never seen so many centaurs before.



Thommy how about switching bs and ws

Thommy H:

Doing so won’t affect their cost, so yeah. Centigors have a cool rule to represent their drunkenness too, which is very classical.


Wood elves, each centaur counts as a guy on a horse.


…Again, Bretonnia? Guys with armor = Realm Knights, guys without = Errants?


If you don’t like centigors maybe elves of some kind are your best bet?


If you use wood elves then you have glade riders, wild riders, and heroes mounted.

Brits would give more melee options but no ranged, which kinda sucks.

The Empire has core knights, and you could use outriders/pistoliers for your ranged ones (no mounted bows though :< ), and captians/generals of the empire can have bows and be mounted too.

As mentioned Beastmen have centigores as a core with the right special character but then your dealing with no shooting on them again.

High Elves don’t have core calv, and all 3 options are special meaning you’d need something else to fill in that 25%, but their characters have access to mounts and bows.

Orcs and Gobbos have 2 options for core calv Wolf and Spider riders, and boar boys as special for the more armoured ones. Also leaving you lots of options to add other monsters for more flavour.

Dark Elves have Dark Riders as core (can be upgraded to have ranged), with Cold one Knights as special, a decent option. Characters can be mounted + given ranged.

Tomb Kings have core horsemen that can be archers or melee. Characters can not be mounted on horses.


I would say use them as wood elves or brets, or

you could even write your own unofficial rules


Ok this is what I want ,move and fire without penalty,light calv has parthian shot which is fire and flee, heavy calv can always stand and shoot.

I don’t know how to point this

Nor do I have any idea how to make heroes or lords

Limitations 4 light calv units per every heavy calv unit, no warmachine ,no infantry unless captured

If any of you are historical players you will recognize them as Mongols

Thommy H:

That sounds pretty straightforward. Let me think about it.