[Archive] Chainmail (a constant foe)


Anyone have or know of any sources, guides, or tutorials on sculpting chainmail?


I’ve done basic stuff by just doing regular rows of dots made by poking the greenstuff with a pointy stick. I’ve heard that you can get a better look by using half a tube, like a syringe.


So far I’ve been able to practice that a bit on a few skaven models, and came up with a couple of different results.

uniform holes

random holes

and angry-stabbing-while-yelling-at-an-inanimate-blob-of-brownstuff

It actually doesn’t look half bad from a distance, and is oddly calming to make.


I use those ball tipped tools used for papercraft, but you can use a pin or standard pointy modelling tools. I use the technique outlined in this tutorial:


The trick is to push the putty to the side slightly when making the hole next to the first. You’re kind of hooking the putty into the first hole. Try to place the holes side by side, and do it row by row. You can make mistakes here and there, and if the rows are regular and even, it will be hard to notice. Try to visualize a row of links going across the area on the model and place the holes in that pattern.

Its pretty easy if you follow the techniques in the tutorial.

Kera foehunter:

wow what a link !! Thanks grndl!!!


Jup, Ramon Laan’s tutorial is very handy indeed.

I believe I posted it somewhere on here before. Maybe it can be put in a handy links topic so it’s easy for newer members to find?