[Archive] Chalice of Darkness

The Ashen Slaver:

Just wondering guys about the Chalice. Can it be used both in your magic phase and in your opponents as well? i.e. steal dispel dice from your opponent during your spell casting and steal power dice from them during their magic phase.


yes, but remember it steals the same amount from your pool as well. rubbish item IMO.


As stated “you may choose to roll a D3 at the start of either players magic phase. Remove this many dice from both players magic pools”. So it looks like just that a general reduction of magic dice affecting both players regardless of whose turn it is. Others MMV.

Lord Zarkov:

Yep it can be used in both turns.

remember though it only takes dice from the ‘magic pool’; it 7th this does not include wizard specific power dice so it may only take a maximum of 2 dice from you in your magic phase and from your opponents pool in his (unless he has a magic item that adds dice to it)


i have found it decently useful against some armies. not many though. as stated above… the new rules state only common dice generated for the army as a whole so namely 2 dice are consider to be in the “Pool” but i have found that in magic heavy armies it is useful to remove dwarf dispel dice (as they get 4 base as well as against the Lizardmen Southlands Tepok Surprise Army.

I think it would be much more useful if it worked like the Rune of Balance… (take one dice from your opponents magic pool and add to your own.)


Realistically your only going to trot it out against magic heavy armies: (Lizardmen, High Elves, etc…) after that its just too many points to justify IMHO and others.


The dispel pool is communal but the power pool is not.


Its RUBBISH :Pthere are far better things to spend your points on IMO as there are very few circumstances when it is any use:hat


The dispel pool is communal but the power pool is not.

There are still some comunal power dice - the 2 basic, plus units with the mark of Tzeentch and some magic items add dice


no its not very good…

but if you play doubles with a magic heavy army it can aid their magic phase a great deal…

you need something with a lot of bound spells like VC… and a CD sorceror with the chalice…

when you max magic below 2K it can sometimes have a good effect… but never 50 points worth of effect…