[Archive] Changes to Mail Order!


Rick Priestley reports on some important revisions to our range, and the way Games Workshop's mail order and online store service is changing.

The wind of change is blowing through the dung-encrusted hole in the ground where niffy Trolls labor day and night, fulfiling your mail orders in the time-honoured fashion endowed upon Troll-kind by nature and society. Actually, our mail order chaps don't much like being referred to as Trolls. it makes them all tearful. They stick out their lower lips and mumble, ".I wanted to be a Space Marine.sniff". Pitiful really. Anyway, changes are afoot in the Trollery, and consequently some bright spark thought it a good idea to ask me to write few brief words all about it. Even now, you can imagine said bright spark entertaining doubts concerning the wisdom of his decision. I know I am. Ah well, press on.

For years I've been banging on about improving our mail order service and adding more interesting and characterful models to the range. "Banging on" obviously pays off, because last year I landed the job of reviewing the range and making recommendations for the future of mail order. Some of those recommendations are being worked on at the moment and will start to take effect next year. This includes simple and obvious things such as being able to order a specific individual model from our webstore rather than a random one, making it possible to buy multi-part models as a single purchase rather than having to order every bit separately, and putting previously discontinued models back on sale where there is no current alternative.

We'll also be offering a range of models just for mail order, including some new top-notch design work from our finest sculptors - someone will doubtless reveal more once these are ready (my lips are sealed. which goes some way to explain the dribbling of course). There is also a new range of converters' components in preparation, featuring all manner of useful and inspiring bits and pieces such as individual weapons and equipment, including such things as comms gear and ammo-packs for Warhammer 40,000 and banners and magic items for Warhammer.

So that we can get on with all this new stuff we have to clear the decks a bit and take a lot of our back-catalog and all of the currently available individual components off sale. This means we won't be selling some very old models any more - although popular collectable models for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 will be transferring over into the new ranges once these are ready. The individual components will also be disappearing for a while, but only to give us time to reorganise and relaunch our new "Bitz" range. The best and most useful components will be incorporated into the new range alongside new designs and will be available in due course.

If you collect models from our back catalog of otherwise discontinued miniatures, then now is a good time to make any purchases you need whilst they are still available. If you've always meant to add that coveted "classic" to your collection, then this might be your last chance. Similarly, if you particularly want individual components for conversions, and don't want to wait until the new range is launched next year, then it's recommended you buy what you want straight away.

I can't tell you exactly which models we'll be dropping as we're working through the ranges as I write, so instead please take a look at our web site and online store for up-to-date information. In case anyone was wondering, the ranges for our Specialist Games will be largely unaffected (aside from components). The Specialist Games and models will continue to form part of the range and will be available via mail order and the online store as before.

Interesting news. The prospect of a bitz section is interesting. I guess they have finally caught on that people want to order bits without being ripped off. But losing some things, like possibly bull centaurs, will be a blow.

Discuss! :hat off

Traitor King:

Hmmmm, interesting.

This will likely lead to most of the CD models being laid off I suppose (although, if they do keep them, isnt it a sign that they’ll have a future?).

however, cheaper Bitz are always welcome, especially as I convert my army :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

Sounds interesting. The end result should be quite cool. I might even start to buy from them if it is good enough


you know, i see the readding of discontinued models as a way of saying i may be able to order mroe CDs


What is the exact date on this?

Uzkul Werit:

More bits eh? This can only be a good thing as some more Chaos Dwarfy looking weapons would be nice. And Bull Centaurs are easy enough to convert.


More bits eh? This can only be a good thing as some more Chaos Dwarfy looking weapons would be nice. And Bull Centaurs are easy enough to convert.

Uzkul Werit
Of course that is so, but the real question is when do the old bits disappear? I would imagine anything CD related is on the "endangered species" list.

Uzkul Werit:

Anyone see the bits for the supposed Giant Spider with Goblin Hero on it?

Ghrask Dragh:

Do you mean this guy…

…if not - hey have you seen this guy! I saw it posted on another forum, alot of the bits I have from the spider rider boxed set but the spider itself looks brand new, and pretty sweet!!


Updated with an Excel file of parts they will have during the transition:

Updated 9/19/07: Click here to download a complete list of all of the components we will be running down until our current inventory is exhausted. Any remaining components on this list will be removed from sale on November 5, 2007.

9947020117016 HELLCANNON COG 1
9947020117017 HELLCANNON COG 2
9947020117020 HELLCANNON SKULLS 1
9947020117021 HELLCANNON SKULLS 2
9947020117022 HELLCANNON SKULLS 3
9947020117023 HELLCANNON SKULLS 4
9947020117024 HELLCANNON SKULLS 5
9947020117026 HELLCANNON CHAIN
Uh ohs.


So basically everything on the online store will be gone… at least from the looks of that xls file… :wink:


What in gods name is the big idea of removing those? Thats a pretty new model… sigh GW you never cease to amaze me…

- Tallhat


That completely contradicts what they said. They are going to sell more bits (only ‘more’ in that they stopped selling most in the first place) so they will stop selling loads.

That Hellcannon chain is one of the best bits of chain you can buy, get it while you can!


It does not contradict. They said for a short time they are discontinuing a ton of stuff, they re-opening more stuff and a bits program.

"This means we won’t be selling some very old models any more - although popular collectable models for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 will be transferring over into the new ranges once these are ready."

So now might be a good time to stock up on Hellcannon crew, cause they may not be coming back. :confused:


This sounds like typical GW spin to me. If by “mail order exclusive” models they mean more like the champion models for the empire and dwarfs which are no good to anyone in return for cutting out the components range then they can fifteen minutes of continuous Galic swearing cut for the sake of decency …with a toasting fork!

Sounds to me like the components service and classic ranges are going to die to be replaced by frames like the inquisitor upgrade sprue. GW are slowly killing of the modeling side of the hobby - painting will be next!


I agree the short-sidedness of GW is ever amazing.

Uzkul Werit:

But the Big Hats are still staying? Right? Right?!? panic


Otherwise Im in a DAMN hurry!!

- Tallhat