[Archive] Chaod Dwarf Immortals as Black Orcs


i brought this up in another thread, but feel it deserves it’s own topic.

how about using black orc rules for immortals? str 4, great weapons or HW/S, or 2x HW, a 01 special choice to represent their rarity, and i think any one will agree that while not the most impressive special choice, they are certainly better than warriors w/ great weapons. the larger base provides for more dynamic poses.

the only problem i see here is ld 8. this is easily fixed with a bull centaur hero in the unit, or keeping them near a general.


This is actually a great idea IMHO. Our specials suck but black orcs are a good example of one that doesn’t.


I wish they were of the same base-size. Oh well. :confused:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Personally, I’m more bothered by M4 than base size and leadership.


lets just say they are as determined as a bull, and enhanced by their faith in the true god of fire and shadow…