[Archive] Chaos army breakup?


If any members are considering selling part of thier chaos armies since the list was divided and want them to go to a good home, I’m looking for some models (especially daemons) to finish off some units. I can pay a reasonable ammount but I’m a student so nothing too drastic please. Post here or PM me with details and/or pics.


What else from the Chaos range are you looking for? I’m selling off large parts of my collection so might have something for you…


Well mostly what I need is:
- Daemons of all shapes and sizes, except greater daemons and daemon princes.
- A handful of the classic chaos warriors to expand some old units
- Any classic models which would make reasonable (and reasonably cheap) heralds

If they were bargains, then depending on funds I’d be interested in:
- Individual chaos knights, marrauder horsemen and centigors
- characters of all shapes and sizes
- anything miscellaneous
EDIT: Oh, and chaos trolls if they’re going cheap


I am after

Mounted Daemonettes of Slaneesh, Horrors, Screamers and blood crushers / juggernaughts and will pay sensible money for them




@ Ubertechie: I know you are new to the site but it is very bad manners to hijack someone else’s thread to ask for the same models as them