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No doubt people will be asking this from time to time; what did the Chaos Dwarfs do…?��I wasn’t on there at the time, but the Hand of Hashut did us all proud.��The Hand of Hashut is the oldest Chaos Dwarf forum out there, and for quite a while was the only one.��I believe it was started in 2004(?) to coincide with the Storm of Chaos Campaign.

A few familiar faces on CDO were there; Uzkul Werit being the only one I can think of atm.��HoH also had a champion to lead them, the brilliant Hashut’s Chosen.��She did an amazing job coordinating everything over the forums of our various allies and writing whole books of cool fluff.

She also had a cool avatar.

The Chaos Dwarfs formed into an armoured assualt that came to be known as the Hand of Hashut (after the forum).��Something I was very keen to carry on for the Nemesis Campaign ;)��Who will be the next Champion to arise to lead us I wonder…

What follows is the path the HoH Chaos Dwarfs took to Middenheim.





Untergard (to aid the Beastmen from the Herdstone)

Slight detour to Hergig

Back to Untergard, aided by Herdstone, CotEC and Underempire

Official mention

And far to the east, another great battle has taken place. The forces of Crom the Conqueror have attacked one of the outlying bastions of Karak Kadrin, less than ten leagues from the Dwarf hold. Aided by the slave-trains from Zharr-Naggrund and the enormous war machines that they have brought, Vardek Crom sent his warriors forth into the breached walls, but found the stubborn resistance of the Dwarfs too much for them to overcome and, as night fell, Crom and his army were pushed back into the valet and withdrew out of range of the grudgethrowers and cannons of the half-shattered bastion. As more and more arcana from the east is dragged into position, it is only a matter of time before Crom launches his next attack
Aug 03, 2004 (?)


Fort Denkh

Notable achievement

Pushing Fort Denkh back by 5% over one weekend!

Official mention: (the first specific reference to the achievements of CD players for many years I believe)
The appearance of the Hellcannons at Fort Denkh has inspired fear in the defenders. Though the bombardment has been effective, the Chaos Dwarfs crewing the weapons lack the necessary numbers to carry the battle to those inside the castle. Should reinforcements join the Chaos Dwarfs soon, the tide may turn against those loyal to the defense of Middenheim.
Aug 10th 2004 (?)
The bombardment of Fort Denkh continues, as the terrified defenders await the assault that could easily sweep them away. The chanting of Hashut worshippers drones constantly alongside the daemonic screaming of the Hellcannons.
August 11th 2004 (?)

Some Chaos Dwarfs remain at Fort Denkh, some go to the Emperors Hammer

Official mention:
Several Hellcannon have arrived at Emperor’s Hammer, along with a regiment of Chaos Dwarves. Bombardment started on the fortified inn, but as the screaming inferno descended on the inn, a rousing chorus could be heard from the walls.
August 13th 2004 (?)

Brief assault on Western Causeway

Move to��South West Cliff to aid CoTEC

Back to Western Causeway

Back to South West Cliff

Official mention:
While Clan Virulus is heading southwards, another Skaven force has moved to the southwest and has launched several raids on the camps of the Kislevites and Bretonnians guarding the approaches to the city. Verminous Fang has been busy creating an alliance with the Prophet of Hashut Helna Blackhand, as well as collaborating with the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Vhaark.
August 20th (?)

End campaign at the Southern Causeway

So Overall a MASSIVE achievement IMO.��Helna (Hashut’s Chosen’s character) getting officially mentionned, the efforts of the few being noted at Fort Denkh etc. Not sure if Vhaark was Uzkuls creation??

If anyone wants to read the series of events, and the fluff that was written:

Welcome to Chaos Dwarfs Online - Your Unofficial Home for all things Chaos Dwarfs

Pages 4 and 5

Lord Zarkov:

I remember those days…

I joined shortly before Uzkul and was on the CD Generals council during the campaign; can’t remember who Vhaark was though, might have been one of Hashut’s Scion’s inventions though, he did a fair bit as well

HC’s backstory to Helna was quite good though, she did volumes of stories on her and S-L Zhorvan IIRC.


Hand of Hshut was set up when it was noticed how the admin of the Chaos Dwarf Yahoo group had vanished and there was no way to stop the spam. Much respect to Hashut’s Chosen who probably helped to keep us on the map more than anyone else.

Lord Zarkov:

Aaa, so that’s where that went


Wow, I’m impressed. I wasn’t even aware of CD involvement in the Nemesis Crown except for the reference to them “starting the long march” back to the Darklands at the very end fluff of the campaign

Uzkul Werit:

Vhaark was one of Hashut’s Chosens creations and I remember the day when the character was mentioned in the background. Uzkul spent most of the time in an airship. laughs

Ahhh this takes me back. Makes me feel somewhat old.


I read the fluff at the time and remember it being the one of the things which got me into chaos dwarfs, along with the annoncement hellcannon. At the time I thought it heralded a new dawn for the CDs. A friend and I both converted a regiment of CDs apiece to go with our chaos armies and used them in the campaign. Didn’t know about HofH at the time though


Yes was probally SoC that got me into CD too.

I loved the new look, I didn’t care much for them in the past with their comical style but the new Daemonic Engine idea blew me away. Finally a “baddie” army that actually have brains and thinks before acting, not like other forms of Chaos who have the “lets run around the Empire and do nothing” like certain Everchosen of Chaos that I could mention… :~