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I’ve just had this idea and I’m putting it in this section so enough people see it. It’s also not really a rule development or some Background or a story. This might be useful (if all the rumours are true) for the future army book designers. Basically what you’ve got to do is think of what you vision of the Dawi Zharr would be, how would they handle on the Battlefield. Would they be an elite army, strong magic or maybe a strong close combat army. What would the main weakness be?

Then when everyone has finished posting we do a poll to see which is the most popular then we sticky this thread. After that the designers need only look here for inspiration and a popular army that will sell. So here is mine:

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My Chaos Dwarf arm would be splash of contrast across the Battlefield, it would contain multiple large units of slaves which are given leadership bonuses from a network of small but powerful units who can relay their leadership across the battlefield. While this is a strength it is also their main weakness as a break in the chain could also lead to a quick and deadly rout. Breaking these “chain” units may be harder than it looks however, as the covering fire from the dreaded demon engines and weapons team that permeate the throng. Again this may also be a weakness, blocking LOS with units becomes easy.  

Fire away!!


I think my idea for the CD army would rely on a really unusual mix of elite CD units, a hefty amount of artillery from strange warmachines, and of course some slaves to absorb damage.  Something big like a Kollossus, or something like a steam tank to take down units, and a unit of ogre sized creatures.  BC as well.

The main weaknesses would be expensive slow CD units, and completely unreliable and weak slave units.  Artillery would not be totally reliable.  Very limited cavalry (only BC).

Good luck making a poll, you will have to really simplify what people post to see if there are themes.

This is only my opinions of what they should be, not what they probably would be.  GW would not be looking here anyway, more’s the pity :mad


I am a fan of the ‘More Chaos Dwarfs and Machines, less Greenskins’ school of thought. I would remove Wolf Riders, Orcs and Goblins from the list completely.

Blocks of short, mask-wearing nutters encased in chaos armour would form the bulk of my version of the list.

A variety of large, powerful Daemonic Engines designed for different battlefield roles (ranged support, line-breaker, etc) would fill the support roles, along with a handful of elites (Immortals, BCs) and slaves/greenskins (Scouting Sneaky Gits, possibly pure-breed Black Orcs, and a carefully limited number of Slave blocks).

Led by Palanquin-mounted Sorcerer Lords (bonus to armour save, able to wade through melee, borne aloft by morale-boosted Immortals). Daemonsmiths with outrageous guns, possibly piloting massive, bull-headed robots. Slave Masters (probably generic Thane with ability to allow nearby slaves to re-roll failed psych). CD Lord on Taurus Daemon Engine.

Advantages would be: Super-tough elites with good armour and Ld. Devastating magic and artillery to force enemies to close with said super-tough elites. A few expendable units to mess with people’s plans. Blunderbusses.

Disadvantages would be: Certain units that would perform key roles would be unreliable or even able to turn on the CD player (Greenskins :)). Catastrophic artillery misfires possible. Generally high points cost. M3. High competition for Special slots (Immortals, BCs and so forth would all be here, to prevent the having of cake and the eating of it).


Know what? I suggest that, in the fashion sense, we could keep both the :hat-s and :mask-s around. Personally, I use the Hats on my sorcerors and the masks and helms in the more… lowly Chaos Dwarfs.

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I see them as the super deamon shooty artillery army shoooty has been done with the wood elves so the CDs would be all about demonic engines with smalll units of CDs with blunderbusses cheep units of hobbos and being lead by heroes and scoserers mounted on demonic iron clad bull monsters wading within the CD units. The demon engines would be powerfull yet tempremental with the worst case being the demons bound to them ripping out as chaos spawn


I’m a Fan of the reliable Dwarfs with the unreliable slaves along great many variantions of warmachinens and less magic. So kinda what Grimstonse says. Black orcs are a must. screw the ogre sise models.


I'm a Fan of the reliable Dwarfs with the unreliable slaves along great many variantions of warmachinens and less magic. So kinda what Grimstonse says. Black orcs are a must. screw the ogre sise models.

I do agree.

I'm not a huge fan of magic dwarves (even tought I like to play magic heavy chaos dwarfs, if there is this option in our list why not... :~ ). IMO it's much better the idea of Chaos Dwarf Demonsmiths like in the Indy GT list.

IMO Chaos Dwarfs are still dwarfs, so huge warmachine (in my fluff they are powered by steam, in other people's by daemons, both are ok) able to deliver mass destruction on enemy lines (disrupting enemy movements like the heartshaker and great deal of damage like improved death rockets, kolossuses....) but a great risk of misfire.

Big blocks of heavy infantry (dwarfs) and masses of slaves (I want all of them! Hobgoblins, orcs and black orcs... I do not like the "rabble" concept). Slaves are unreliable, sneacky (it would be cool an "animosity" effect where they rebel against us... lol ) but damn cheap ;) so can be sent in vawes against the incoming enemies... and the option to shoot them!!! :P
Bull/Boar centaurs could be left like they are or (better) reshaped to fill other niches, like reducing their movement to 6" to keep them in line with a "slow but hard rock army" but improved in resistance (T5?) and power (more attacks? More options? who knows.... ).

This list could provide options, an all dwarf army, a war machine army and a slave horde.... or balanced armies of course.

IMO in this concept magic is redundant, and in fluff should be reduced the importante of magicians... at top of our society they would be replaced by warlords, technicians and daemonologists....

So everybody would be happy and have fun :hat

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@Bassman you got my vote. you really nailed what I had in mind.


@Bassman you got my vote. you really nailed what I had in mind.

We have a similar idea of Chaos Dwarves... but different miniatures lol :hat

WoOOOooW a Bassman concept! If I win the poll will I have my name on a future Chaos Dwarf army book? :D :D


And…Where’s Kubasa concept?