[Archive] Chaos Dwarf army for sale $175


I have the following extra:

1 Lammasu w/ no rider

20 Hobgoblin Warriors

15 Sneaky Gits

6 Bull centaurs (1 has a broken banner but could easily be fixed or converted)

Id prefer to sell in 1 lot.

I am in the USA.

$175 shipped USA. Paypal


I would also trade for:

Chaos Dwarf Warriors (metal only)

Chaos Dwarf Heroes, Sorcerers, Command

Death Rockets & crew

Earthshakers & crew

A large lot of unpainted Marines. Possibly Ogres.


I have references on Ebay & Bartertown.


I am definitely interested in this.

I will start to look and come back to you with a price.

1. What condition are they in - painted/stripped/new ?
2. Any pics possible?
3. I am in Australia for postage purposes… (Is it $15-$20?)
4. Also, what currency are we dealing in?

Edit: I have an average price worked out. You just need to come back to me with the condition of the minis and any pics.

Thank you


  1. bare metal, I think one bull centaur is painted, otherwise new/bare, except that 1 bull centaur with the broken standard pole

    2) no pics, sorry. the stuff is bare/new, no dig cam

    3) Id say at least $20+ Id check and get you a price if a deal is made. You would pay exact real shipping cost, no over-charges

    4) US dollars



PM sent

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Id also trade for a large lot of Space marines (unpainted).


Guess they’ll hit Ebay then. I’ll probably get a much higher price there anyway.

I saw 3 Hobgoblins be bid on for $15+ and not finished!


PM sent

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Im not making offers to people- if you contact me- make an offer. Joining the site today with no location and asking me for my best price gets us nowhere.

Include your location because you will need to figure in shipping.


I’m giving it another week.


Its a pretty fair price for the whole lot however I don’t think there is a huge demand for hobgoblins compared to other Chaos Dwarfs.

You should consider splitting them up, either here or on ebay, any “loss” on the hobgoblins could be made up the centaurs and lammasu.


13 Hobs went for $47.99+ shipping a day ago. So it varies. I was willing to lose a few buck to give a fellow CDO member a fair price, but Im not going to give them away. I know Id make more $$ on Ebay.

Ive had no interest here , so to Ebay they go very soon. . Everything will be sold by lots.