[Archive] Chaos Dwarf army for Sale! $600 or $300


I bought way too many Chaos Dwarfs than I needed.

After a bunch of offers for cash/trade combos that just didnt really appeal to me- Im going to try this.

These figures are rare & out of print. You’d have to search Ebay , hope you win an auction, get them in small lots & pay shipping for each. Get them all in one shot & save money.

These prices are based on Games Workshops current prices for new releases. Discounted. If these were new figs you would pay over $1,000. Not collector prices, just regular GW price.

Big Hats. Very few have paint (4 or 5), but these are all metal & can easily be stripped. Some have bases. No shields. I have many Chaos Dwarfs. These are the prices- dont bother low-balling me. I will not reply.

$585+ shipping. You cover Paypal fees(3%). Or use a PO money order(no extra).

Lammasu & rider

1 Sorcerer

4 Lords (2 poses)

6 sets of command- 18 figs- Standard/Champion/Musician

40 Warriors (20 are Unreleased/rare Warriors!)

40 Blunderbusses

20 Hobgoblin Warriors

14 Sneaky gits

5 Death rockets w/crew

3 Earthshakers w/crew

bits & pieces,extra figs,broke figs,stuff for conversions,etc.

40K Marine Starter $90 + 10 shipping. ($160+ value)

3 sets of AOBR Marines (3 commanders, 15 terminators, 30 tacticals, 3 Dreads) 2 on sprue, 1 off with primer, 2 figs have light paint

set of templates

Marine Codex

Space wolf Codex

another non - marine codex

Pm here or email Chadshock09@yahoo.com


If two people are interested in splitting - I can do two smaller lots. $300 + shipping.

Lot #1

Lammasu & rider

2 Lords

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

20 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses

3 Sets of command (9 figs- standard/champ/musician)

14 Sneaky gits

3 Deathrockets w/crew

1 Earthshaker w/crew

Lot #2


2 Lords

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

20 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

3 Sets of command(9 figs)

20 Hobgoblin warriors

2 Deathrockets w/crew

2 Earthshakers w/crew

I will only do this if I have two people who are interested in the smaller lots.


Well I lack the money to buy these models but would you consider trading them for other warhammer? I posted my list of trades on another page, though I do have other figures available to trade.

Also where do you live since that may factor


Im in the USA, Pennsylvania. Sorry, I looked at your list, you dont have anything I really need. But you could always sell it & buy my stuff!


Here is how I figured the price(based on current Gw prices):

5 metal figs are $25

warmachines/monsters are $25

Heroes are $10

Total is about $950. I took off 30%, so $585. A very fair price. You will not find better. Get a nice army in one shot. Dont waste time hoping to win auctions, paying seperate shipping,etc,etc.

If you buy on Ebay- you will pay more. It will take alot of time. It will take many, many auctions to get an army. You will also pay seperate shipping for every auction- adding to your cost.


Hi there Blood Axe.

I have decided that my orc army is a useless bunch of gits that can’t win a game, so have decided to enslave them all, thus starting the army I wanted from the begining, Chaos Dwarfs. I am very interested in buying your lot, but I too am lacking a few funds for a couple of weeks. I would be interested in buying either lot should someone want the other.

Also, would you have any idea how much shipping to Australia would cost?

Regards, Shimsham.

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I believe it has sold already. But you can flip him a PM to make sure.

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Stuff is on Ebay. I got tired of low ball offers when I had a fair price.


can you link us all to the items?

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I’m assuming you are starslayer on ebay? Can you confirm that?

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Yup- starslayer there. More lots will be going up.


Well the Chaos Dwarfs I wanted $600 for here went for about $1200 on Ebay.


Well the Chaos Dwarfs I wanted $600 for here went for about $1200 on Ebay.

Congrats, that's a good haul. If you're interested in making money then for sure selling small lots on eBay is the better choice as few of us can ever afford a big lot of figs all in one go.



Well $300 for the lot i was selling was very reasonable. I was just getting tired of low offers, when i was already giving a good deal. I wanted to sell here- but it just didnt work out. Anyhow- good luck to all.