[Archive] Chaos Dwarf army for sale (posted for a friend of mine)


Title says it all. I have a large Chaos Dwarf army that I’m looking to off load. These are all the old 4th edition models. I’m only looking for cash (need to get myself a reaver titan). The list below is a full accounting of what I’ve got. If you’re interested, please email me with an offer. (My friend is local to the Northern Virginia area of the USA. and is looking to sell the army as a whole)… His email is virginiaman76@yahoo.com so, if you want this army, email him and discuss… (his name is Andrew ) good luck…


1 Astrogoth

1 Sorcerer on foot

2 Hero/Lords on foot

1 Sorcerer on Lammasu

40 Warriors w/ 2 Full commands

12 Blunderbuss w/ Full Command

20 Hobgoblins w/ Full Command

1 Earthshaker

4 Bolt Throwers (1 damaged from being stepped on but I can fix it)

2 Death Rockets

1 Hobgoblin hero on wolf

10 Hobgoblins on wolves w/ bows, champ & standard

10 Hobgoblins on wolves w/ handweapons, champ & standard

10 Hobgoblins w/ bows, musician & standard

10 Bull Centaurs w/ standard & converted champ

1 old Chaos Dwarf Petard

1 old Chaos Dwarf bazooka


8 Blunderbusses

1 Earthshaker

15 Black Orcs w/ full command

1 Black Orc Hero

3 Bull Centuars

30 Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits


Auretious Taak:

Oooh shiny. I am really starting to dislike not having paypal or something else set up, a job would be good will be looking within the next week and a half then i shall ahve money again, or a bit anyways. I’d be after the hob gobs on foot including the sneaky gits, the bull centaurs and hob gobs on wolves, oh and the sorcerer i suppsoe and the 2 lords on foot, but like I said no monies set up, but out of curiopsity what would Andrew be looking for in cash for those items?


Thats a pretty large army to sell in one short. Any chance he will split it up?


Thats a pretty large army to sell in one short. Any chance he will split it up?

I am the 'Andrew' two_heads_talking posted on behalf of so I'll save him the trouble of being the middle man.

I'm not really interested in breaking it up at this point - in the past that's left me with dregs that I can't get rid of and I want to clear the shelves.

I've been monitoring e-bay but haven't seen any lots of Chaos Dwarfs as large as this, so I'm not sure what the 'going rate' is, but I'm willing to consider any reasonable offer.  Feel free to PM me, or you can e-mail me directly at virginiaman76@yahoo.com.

Also, I'm in the process of getting pics so I can shoot those to anyone interested so you can see what you'd be getting.