[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Army (old models ,new threads) edit 8th feb new pics


Hi done a bit more on the troops
Chaos Dwarf Warriors got to change that gold and finish there shields

Hobgoblin Wolfboyz and hero just layering to do

Orc Big Uns��and arrer boyz old pre slotta conversions model by perry twins just started these they were painted various colours for D&D over twenty years ago

A converted early dwarf now Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (young noble)in blunderbus unit

Hobgoblin slaves


hobgoblin Bolthrowers

The right sized photos:D

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Cool stuff man!

That’s why we have the image resizer. (Well, it works in FireFox anyways)

Uzkul Werit:

Where are the shields on the Wolfboyz from? They look mightly impressive.


There old marauder wolfboyz shields citadel 1990 catalog 3 see stuff of legends, unfortunately i dont yet have enough for the other unit of wolfboyz but both units will be horde of the golden wolf

warriors shields are being painted but are all original.The Bull Centairs have demonic and skulls from same sprue as those.The Orcs will have the dead moon shields moon skull designs eventually:hat


Some superb old models dude! I have to say I love it!


Good stuff, one thing you could do if youare running low on the shields is make a GS cast of them, since they are shields it shouldn’t be too hard to do, and that way you would have as many shields as needed :cheers.


^^ seconded. Make a cast. That’s what I’m doing for mine.

Also, if you need decals or banners, just buy some decal paper at an art store and print out the symbols you need. Get some from Obsidian Halls (google it), that site has some great banners.


Cheers i think i will try that ,theres a first time for everything :cheers

ive used greenstuff now so i will try casting shields .Its been a good 30 years since i cast prince august figures when very young:)


:mad:mad:mad I cant get the new pics small either grrr


Wow that is a bunch of “old school” hobbos you got there, great stuff!

Kera foehunter:

cool lava baces i like your old school army


Yes, the lava bases are excellent, as is the whole army.

Well done.


My current cd madness bighat army ,i tend to work on the whole lot at once which is why nothing is truly finished.The last couple of months i have stripped so many figures they were all painted old style now most is based with lava plains 6 months more painting should sort it.My 3rd ed sdtuff will join in once 2000pts of these are done:o

Pyro Stick:

Thats going to be an awesome looking army. Im envious of the 75 chaos dwarf warriors.


Thats truely a great army you got there Canix :hat off Good luck with the 2000p goal - and I am looking forward to see the 3ed stuff:)

Kera foehunter:

wow thats a great army Canix !! I still like how the lava baces glow


I can’t wait to see your take on Astragoth. Compliments again on those awesome classic orcs!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Thats going to be an awesome looking army.

Pyro Stick
That, and a lot of painting work too! *g*

In any way, a wonderful collection of classic miniatures. :hat off


Thanks for the comments all hope to end up with a freshly painted army eventually:cheers

Wow that is a bunch of “old school” hobbos you got there, great stuff!

If you mean the orcs there all ft series solid base i have another 30 to paint their sculpted by the perrys just like the cd and hobbos i never realised till a couple of years ago that most of my 25mm figs over the years were sculpted by them:hat


Hi thought i would post the first gs work i did with finished pics of my Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer he is a young noble so beard is just held with a beard ornament i made with gs like his lip and tusks and hat ornamentation .The hat is made from a sealent filler cap diy store(you will see more of those on conversions later:Dstaff from bits box (real cd sorc staff)

The marauder dwarf mage he started as

Beleel Narathond front


Hope you like him sorry for pic size,comments welcome:hat