[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Army (old models ,new threads) edit 8th feb new pics

Kera foehunter:

great job i like the paint job and he soooooooo big too


Hehe, I’ve got that guy. The old dwarf wizard (converted of course) isn’t it?


Yes just lopped the top of his hat off, ive got a Thunderer from same range to convert into combat engineer so i may give him mask/helm googles rather than hat .I am making a bighat for my lammasu statue at the moment:hat


them shields are from the old goblin wolf boys

good job im a fan of the old models


pimped man


Found the old blog thanks to pyro and have resized photos here are more

Bullcentaurs inc lord with hammer of hashut and bsb converted from bloodbowl character


Cd warriors shields painted attaching them tonight


Really a great army - a real Warlord/Sorcerer worthy! :hat off



Not normally a big fan of the hat figures, but I have to say those do look really nice.


thats a great looking army, i love those orcs btw and the hobgobbos too,


So nice, Canix :smiley:

And I were to think, that I haven’t been giving an update in a long time - lol

Kera foehunter:

Canix i love your style of your lava baces. and i like the bull centaurs


the bullcentaurs are very nice… good job


Love all this models. So great. The converted sorcerer is awsome too :slight_smile: