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This is something I found on bolter and chainsword and thought I should share. Sorry if this is old:

Maxis Lithium wrote:

Greetings all!

I was talking with a guy who works higher up in the Canadian GW branch, and we got to talking about WD and what’s coming down the pipe. Apparently, it’s going to be the main venue for less popular/niche army lists to be updated. He told me that it’s a budget consideration. To release a new codex costs alot of money, but they already pay for the printing of WD every month, so as a cost saving mesure, they’re turning to WD to put out new lists.

The following are in production, and will be released in WD. When, I do not know, but I’ll bet by the end of 2008.

In no specific order:

-Space Wolfs

-Dark Eldar

-CHAOS DWARFS! - someone feel free to quote this on the Fantasy board.

More info as it becomes available

So what do you think?

Uzkul Werit:

This was on HoH a few days back.

I widh it was true but as it seems only WD are working on it, I doubt it’ll happen. If Canada gets it and us Brits don’t, I’ll be annoyed.

Hashut’s Blessing:

As Uzkul said. And, if I recall correctly, WD said they would no longer be posting rules in WD (Blood Angels being an exception as it was a taster of what was being done). Plus, only the Canadians could use them then puts annoyedly. (Has anyone else noticed how Canada really seems to love CDs? And the States has recognised them to. C’mon England, damnit!)


The stupid thing is that there is almost no reason to buy WD if they don’t publish any rules in it. The tactics articles have been done ten times already, people already complain that it is only a catalog now and removing the main useful content isn’t going to help at all.


If this comes to Canada, I will buy magazines for the lot of you and ship them out. :stuck_out_tongue:


It does raise an interesting question though, if the rules are published in Canada, are they valid in other nations tournaments, and is the Ravening Hordes list still valid for tournament use in Canada? I have to agree with Cornixt though, I opnly buy WD iregularly now, seeing as there is virtually nothing of interest there anymore. I’ll get next months for the Blood Angels rules, but I doubt I’ll buy many more.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thank you, Mr. Xander. offers slaves instead of payment… and a nice big hat to carry them all in


Another rumour, but it’s better than nothing I suppose.


I’ve noticed that about WD lately. I haven’t had a subscription for like 3 years, but my friend always has a subscription, so I just borrow his once he has read it. There seems to be an advertisement for some new-fangled product almost every 5-6 pages!!! What’s up with that!? What happened to WD being a gaming/hobby magazine? Not some glorified magazine as some have already said. A quote is in order.

“You make me sad.”

-King Arthur, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Actually, the last couple of numbers of WD has become better. but for a while there they where really awful. but I got s subcription so i cant do much at th emoment. So far they work to read but they could have been much better, like they where for a couple of years ago. Main thing they need to make better is the battlereports. They still needs a lot of improment.


Actually, the last couple of numbers of WD has become better.
To be fair though, it doesn't take much to be better than the usual WD. It's an embarrassing magazine with little or no proper content. I went in the buy the 30th annual WD last week and after a few seconds browsing through it I realised that GW were more concerned with promoting their new expensive scenery than publishing a good magazine.


WD is a travesty at the moment. We need to find some way of getting Fat Bloke back. I miss all the talk of bacon butties, the odd editor interruptions and the articles by Mike Walker.


If there gonna post army lists in WD then thell most likly make a .pdf so just download that and print it.

Traitor King:

WD is a travesty at the moment. We need to find some way of getting Fat Bloke back. I miss all the talk of bacon butties, the odd editor interruptions and the articles by Mike Walker.

Excatly! thats what it needs!
Haleys breif riegn was also good, just replace the bacon butties with goblin ramblings!
was mike walker the bloke who wrote tactics articles such as 'how to lose at warhammer'?


was mike walker the bloke who wrote tactics articles such as 'how to lose at warhammer'?

He was indeed. I remember tohe good old days of White Dwarf where there were conversion ideas and ideas for how to game/collect on a budget. The painting articles were of a much higher standard and usually a single WD included two or three different ones for different levels. The battle reports were far more clearly structured and usually showcased something cool or tried out new senarios. Who remembers the two classic four-player battle reports. There was far more for the gamer. Now the only reason to get white dwarf is to find advance warning of price rises

Uzkul Werit:

The last truely good White Dwarf was the Gnoblar issue. Oddily enough, the one that I’ve re read the most next to the holy duo of 161/162.

The editor still has his imput! Haven’t you seen the witty imput by the White Dwarf himself? Normally something like:

“Dwarfz Iz PwnoRz!!! WAAAGH!”

Traitor King:

another thing WD has stopped doing is showing connvesions… and peoples armies.

also, in the battle reports it used to be peoples own armys. now its just the studio ones… no fun at all.


Thats something I don’t understand either. Surely it costs GW to develop new models for everything. If people convert then they use their even more overpriced bitz service, which can only make them more profit. I can see them not featuring “how to make a really cheap unit/hero/army” articles even if I don’t like it. But i would have thought they’d want to encourage grand conversions.


Hmmm, this seems interesting. Actually, wasn’t the Blood Angels list published in WD recently (or soon will be, I get confused with all these redone SM chapters). Was/is this a trial list, or the actual list to save on them releasing a codex? If it’s the actual list, then it does seem very likely that GW would release slightly redone armies to save on money for a codex, and force people to buy WD.

However, I suppose the main argument is slightly redone. If CDs are ever redone, I really don’t think that it will be a few slight changes - more like a complete redoing of theme, look and style, as well as new units and rules, and of course, a full line of new models. Therefore, I’m not sure whether CDs (or Dark Eldar, as said above) could be covered by one WD list - I’d assume that if they do redo them, they’ll go the full way with a new codex and all.

Still, it certainly does seem that the Canadian WD (and maybe the USA version too) is far happier to even mention Chaos Dwarfs compared to the UK version. I do believe that in the 50 or so issues I collected before giving up, Chaos Dwarfs were shown/mentioned once, and that was just a single picture of a Chaos Dwarf regiment that one a Golden Daemon prize.


There is only so much you can print in WD before you start repeating yourself. At the moment it has turned into “Here’s the latest model and here are 30 things you can do with them” just to take up space. Unfortunately that doesn’t make for a good read, and with them almost completely ignoring everything but the three core games there isn’t much else they can fill it with.