[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Bloodbowl Team(1)


Hello all,

I’ve created this thread as I’m looking to sell my Bloodbowl team as showcased here. I like the little guys a lot and they’ve won me many a game, but I reckon it’s time to move on and pay attention to a new team (either my Necromantic, Wood Elf, Chaos, Skaven or one of the two Human). The team is only listed for sale here, as I feel the CDO community should have a chance of keeping such a team within it before it’s advertised for sale somewhere else.

As such I’m entertaining offers on the entire Chaos Dwarf team, including counters such as the NELF ball, Star Player, etc. Basically everything shown in the showcase. As can be expected, due to the time and effort spent converting and painting the team to a high standard, I’m looking for serious offers only please. I’m happy to ship to most places excluding some problem areas such as Italy (sorry in advance, I don’t trust their postage at all).

My other sale thread is of course still active, I just didn’t want the team being buried and lost in all the miscellanious stuff in there.

Cheers all.

Ancient History:

That is an astoundingly beautiful and fleshed-out team. I wish I had the greenbacks to make a serious offer. My envy to the lucker buyer.


It would certainly be a wonder set to own. I don’t play BB myself, but it would be cool if they were on their own display base, so I could admire them.

I have no idea what a serious offer constitutes for something like this.


I’ve followed your thread - and it has been a major inspiration for my - trying out Blood Bowl myself :slight_smile: Especially the Hobbos was a refreshing take at a classic army entry. I hope the find a good home.


Ugh let’s hope someone here is tempted to snag it. I know I am.


Well retail for the team is about £50-ish, I would be hoping for offers higher than that based on what people would be happy to consider is fair for the amount of work involved.

I’m of course happy to expand the team with matching Hobgoblin conversions and even a display base should the buyer wish, though that would obvously add to the price. So hey Xander, don’t be afraid to offer, you never know.

I’m glad it’s such a well-received team. :slight_smile:


i’ve never really been interested in blood bowl but these look ACE!! they’re soooooooooooooooooo cool


great paint job! :slight_smile:

must be sad to sell it.


Bit of a bump for this - there’s been some interest, but nothing concrete. I’ll give it a few days, then if no one here would like the team, I’ll put it up for sale on other forums.

Cheers all.


Sorry for an early update, but the team has now SOLD. If a mod could please lock this thread I’d appreciate it, thanks.