[Archive] chaos dwarf boat

turquois dwarf:

how should i go about making a boat like the one below?


particularly how can i get lots of cheap slaves?

im thinking of puting some sort of contraption in the ram to pour molten metal into the enemys boat:hashut


Personally, I would just go find the model at a local model store and GW-ify it. I assume most basic stores (such as Hobby Lobby in the U.S.) carry that model. I would use lots of hob goblins as slaves, or even one of the other normal races. Humans or dwarfs. Maybe even have some ogres on board pulling some weight you know.


no idea how to make one, know how to buy one :slight_smile:


turquois dwarf:

i might look in a model shop (probably this weekend) although if i dont find one i will try and make one myself (i must be mad). for slaves i dont rearly want to spend much money as i dont have much to spend:(

Kera foehunter:

now  the easy is foam you cut and shape with a knife if you get this blue foam you can sand it and get a primer that will not eat the foam.


That boat my good ffiend is a trieme, an ancient greek warship

Try typing it in in e-bay or some other search engine and you may find a model

turquois dwarf:

wow brilliant foam boat!!

i have been to a model shop and looked at boats but they are all a little overpriced so i have made a paper boat on the computer which will do for now but i will have to make a better one

Ishkur Cinderhat:

You may want to look at the old Man’o’War range for reference on what chaos dwarf ships look like.


wow kera that ship is so cool. i especially like the sails, what are they made out of?

reminds me of an episode of ghostbusters that used to give me nightmares as a kid lol


Kera- great job! Fits your pirate theme, thou chaos dwarf ships should be steam powered me thinks.


yeah but you cant have a steam powered pirate ship . . . . . where would the skull and crossbones go?


Sure you can. Just add the steam powered paddle wheels and all is well, and maybe a couple of smoke stacks you know. I am sure there have been river pirates in the past who have used steam ships.

Kera foehunter:

i thought of making that one guys. another stolen idea it so simple

i also stoled this one it look easy too.

well thats what pirates do drink talk ideas and them steal them

turquois dwarf:

ok for steam power i may end up making  a separate ship (yay now i get a whole fleet!)

loooking at man of war models i think i will leave spaces to put different war mashines on.

going way back to the molten metal idea i now have a picture (the metal will run along the red dotted line)



…wait, aren’t the darklands landlocked?


that steam powered boat looks really cool and seriously easy to build. if i didnt have too many projects going on at once id make one lol.


Someone make Xander post an image of the boat we made… it wasn’t CD intended, rather an entry for a local contest at a GW location near us, but it came out very well!


...wait, aren't the darklands landlocked?

No. The river of ruin links to the Sea of Claws as well as to the Sea of Dread to the south.


turquois dwarf:

those pansey high elves have got the sea of dread covered (tower of sun and tower of stars) how do we get out now?:mad

Kera foehunter:

Well torn why do you think i found all these easy boats to make.

when i get time im going to make a cool one. Need to build an army first so there be cd to drive the boat