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Hi everyone!

So our first official podcast is ready for download or you can subscribe using the RSS feed (In iTunes - Advanced > Subsribe to Podcast…[paste] http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/podcast/cdc.rss )

Right click here, to download the mp3.

Your gracious hosts for this episode include: Xander, Hashut’s Blessing, Pyro Stick and Uzkul Werit!

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  • Tactics for Chaos Dwarf Warriors


So there we have it! We’d love your comments and feedback! Go easy on us rookies though, we are still getting the feel for this medium. :) Also, tell us how you got started with Chaos Dwarfs!

Cheers, :cheers

Ghrask Dragh:


Great stuff guys really enjoyed it!

I like you go down through the forum topics and discuss a little something from each section, interesting stuff. Would love to be involved and talk to some of you guys, just not sure I can make it happen.

Looking forward to the next one! :hat off


Excellent job guys keep them coming (I just listened to the whole thing).


Glad you liked it guys! SO how did you guys start Chaos Dwarfs?! :smiley:

Also, I’d love to hear better suggests for the name. Chaos Dwarf Cast doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.


As discussed in this thread:



To recap.

I was first drawn to them when I added a few units my 3rd edition chaos army in 1990/91. I added 3 bazukas, and a tenderizer to my force. 3rd edition was swept away by the bland and very vanilla 4th. They only good thing about 4th was the introduction of CDs IMHO. So chaos dwarfs were out of my concern for about 2 years.

Then GW releases Cds as a real army in 1993! Now I liked the CD army list, but couldn�?Tt stand the models. Market agreed with me and they tanked :wink: So I skip this incarnation of the army.

The first real time that I seriously thought about Chaos Dwarfs was 1999ish with the original �?oTale of 4 Gamers Series�?�, you know back when WD didn�?Tt suck. The Skaven player was playing against Lee Garrett at a tourney and was pictured. You can barley make out his CD models. What got me thinking were the blurbs about his force being �?ohighly adaptable�?� or some such. So I really went back and looked at my WDs featuring the army list. Which I had nearly all the ones from that time, at least the ones that featured the dawn of the CD army list.

What originally got me thinking was the hobgoblin wolfboyz. Having played against buddies fielding gobbo wolyboyz I knew how useful these guys were as one was a longtime Orc and Goblin player. Briefly thought about it , but once again shelved the idea.

Looking at the link it was indeed spring of 2002 when I again started thinking about CDs after finding the PDF of the list online. I started to once again think about them when I saw a unit promoted on the US webstore that same year that was basically taking chaos warrior heads and adding them to dwarf plastic bodies. From there my interest became piqued at that thought because it removed the biggest gripe I had about the army: Loved the army list, hated the models. Still nothing happened.

Flash forward to around 2004. I came across Hand of Hashut quite by accident and another site I can�?Tt recall. I lurked for a while, but didn�?Tt join. Demands of starting a family, first house, dog, etc, really put everything on the back burner in terms of Warhammer.

Skip to late August 2007. I had been looking at my Battle for Skull Pass box set that had been and the models that had been gathering dust since Christmas 2006. I vaguely remembered the Hand of Hashut site and found it again and was quickly floored by two members armies: Snotling (who isn�?Tt right?) and Pulpers. I had never thought of using them to convert dwarfs into chaos dwarfs, so simple. Why didn�?Tt I think of that before! :wink:

Then something strange happened, I wandered onto CDO as well. At first I was surprised there were two forums for such an under-represented army, but quickly saw which site was better. A few days later I joined (8-27-7). I was shocked at the community spirit here and quickly felt at home. Especially after trudging through asur.org Now uthulan.net for years, and not having much fun on it.

At the same time as I was rediscovering HoH and discovering CDO in late August I also found Xander�?Ts You Tube guides and from there it all came together. One of my first purchases was a Hellcannon, right at the time they were being yanked off the shelf (only to be re-added a few weeks later). For another of my initial purchases I scored a Lammasu and rider NIP for its original price of $33 US, still shrink wrapped. I remembered exactly where it was and it had been sitting there for literally, years. I remember I must have picked that box up numerous times and each time set it back down only to buy something else. This time was the right time for me to embark on Chaos Dwarfs.

Now here I am with the best community anyone could ask for, and the best army bar none in terms of all of the Warhammer lists. The rest of the army lists don�?Tt match up, ours however (warts and all) does.

So for me it was a very long and convoluted way to get to Chaos Dwarfs.


I’d like to know when the french version will be avaible? :smiley:

I didn"t understand everything, but I loved it anyway.


Je ne parle pas francais. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That was great, I enjoyed it a lot! :cheers More of that anytime!


Yes, Excellent job guys :cheers


great job guys, this might of been mentioned but is this a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly thing?

keep it up


I liked it a lot, you covered lots of things.

Was I the only one screaming ‘It’s Ghark Ironskin!?!?’ :wink:

IMO you should do a regular feature on how to convert using new/ unsual models.

Something else you could do one of each podcast could be the process of army theming. It would include ideas for how to go about re-designing CD fluff for your characters/ list etc, then leading onto the list, finally the different ways to theme your models themselves (not just a paint job).


Excellent feedback.

We will have a weekly Hobby section of the show where such a thing can be covered. So both of those ideas would work.

Also, you’re welcome to join us on a Cast, Grim. :wink:


If I had a microphone I would.


What would it take to get that to happen? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: zomg :o 2000 posts.


hey i too would just like to say i realy enjoyed it, you have enspired me to go out and buy the grudgebearer book and to possibly make the deamon binding aspect a prominant theme in my army.

i also think a good part of the podcast was talking about things which have happened on the forum (such as Vintagephreak’s classic chaos dwarfs). just think it would be cool to credit people for good work etc.


Uzkul Werit:

Got to make sure all this positive feedback doesn’t go to my head!

Any questions you want answered on the next one, just put 'em here.


Seriously. Can’t get you chaps having too big of a head now can we :wink:


why do you think cd’s have big hats :stuck_out_tongue:

Uzkul Werit:

Give that man a slave! :smiley:


why do you think cd's have big hats :P

Because the sculpters were on certain unnamed substances while sculpting?