[Archive] chaos dwarf codex


I have recently purchased the 1998 chaos dwarf codex rightly because Im a fanactic about CD but are the rules in the book still usable?:hat off


nope… we happen to be two editions away from that game…


Why wont gw hurry up and make cd official again , Hashuts word must be spread!!!

Lord Zarkov:

We are official; we have the army list as published in Ravaning Hordes which is also dowloadable from the GW website


Looks like you need to look at the [[Chaos Dwarf Resources]], zagor66


No I mean that GW should make a CD codex because I know were official.:hat off


I don’t think you’ll get much argument about that on this forum.

2009 is the current rumour, I believe. Make of that what you will…


Cant wait but till then let CDO reign supreme , I tip my hat off to the creators.:hat off