[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Expedition Force

Kera foehunter:

I like the hobgoblins, nice mix set conversion, I like the weaponds

Groznit Goregut:

Thanks Kera!

Well, I was going to get a game in with Ben from Bull City Wargaming podcast, but my mini van broke down and I had to leave my army at home. I was going to work on it, too, but didn’t have it. So, the past week is a bust for work.

I also ran out of glue and managed to dash out to the gaming store to pick up some more zap a gap. I also managed to get my army out of my mini van from the garage it’s getting repaired. I need to build 2 more Bull Centaurs for my current army list, too. So…I went to work on them. I would probably build 3 more, but…don’t have enough Chaos Knight horses left. I do have one big hat top left if I ever come across one.

I did add a shoulder pad with skull on it after I took this pic:

Ready to have a full unit of Bull Centaurs!

Also need to finish up my 50 Hobgoblins, too. I need to figure out how to rebase Mantic minis…

Groznit Goregut:

I was going to glue some sand on bases and prime a bunch of models (including the above), but forgot my liquid primer at home today! So…I did clip off the 25mm bases off these guys and try to fit them on 20mm bases. I will have to be good with the sand, etc to hide those lumps.


I’m loving your army. The conversion work is awesome!


I usually get rid of mantic bases with a dremel. It sands them down pretty quickly. Alternatively, I use some green-stuff or milliput to smooth out the edges.

It’s cool to see Mantic orcs being used :slight_smile:

Groznit Goregut:

Thanks guys. Argh, I should’ve used a dremel. I have a few that I haven’t finished yet that I’ll do that for. I always worry that I’ll cut their legs off.

Happy with the Mantic Orcs.

Kera foehunter:

Lets us see the Flying Taurus :slight_smile:

Groznit Goregut:

I haven’t really been working on these guys. Work just had the busiest time of year and family life has been crazy. So, my spare time has been spent drinking and playing video games! The crazy time at work is done and I should be pretty lazy until January!

I have been able to paint while at “work” the past week. I must’ve spent about 15 hours or more working on the next batch of 13 Chaos Dwarfs. Man, rank and file can take hours to paint! Those big hats are a real pain to get those layers in and not mess up your previous work. Too much detail for rank and file!

In progress shot:

I now have 41 Chaos Dwarfs!!!

Here is a closer shot. You will notice that I still need to work on their beards and their skin. Oh, I have painted the edges of their bases since taking this picture and posting this.

I did not quite get the red the right color. I need to go one higher. I thought I did, but didn’t have the others at work to make sure.

And a different picture of the color difference…

Groznit Goregut:

Wanted to do something different than the color on the Chaos Dwarfs. So, I pulled out the Hobgoblins that have been sitting there. I need a unit of 40 for my 2000 pt list. I had 8 done on those regimental bases and only really needed to do 32 more for now. Finished gluing on arms and heads. I also cut some off their bases and put them on some cork to make some higher than others. It helps fit them all in on the 20mm bases.

Then used by liquid Bob Ross (little happy trees) primer. Got my 32 guys done! They are dry and ready to be backed in for the day.

Now see if I can paint the bases…

Groznit Goregut:

I’ve been plugging away on my Hobgoblins for the past two days. It’s been slow and I’ve had time to work on them. It is amazing at how much time it takes to just paint base coats on 40 Hobgoblins.

Yesterday I was here:

Today I am here:

Wish I had brought more paints with me. I am not positive on the full colors of the outfits. I need to do some paint models. I did one and know how I DON’T want to do it! :slight_smile:

I’ve got my first game in a month tonight! I have only had two games with CD’s before, so this is quite exciting for me.


Hey man,

Just wanted to say that your work is at the same time impressive and inspiring.

You really got me drooling and thinking about starting my very own career in conversions.


Groznit Goregut:

Awesome! I really appreciate the comments! I think the Bull Centaurs are the best things I’ve converted so far, but the rest of it is really not hard at all (not that the BC were terribly hard). I was never one to really get into sculpting or anything and was always intimidated by it. There are some people online that are simply amazing. I was always intimidated by them, but after just trying it, I found you can get good results without too much effort! Well, without it being too hard, I should say!

Need to work on a color scheme for my Hobgoblins. I need to get them painted by mid January…as well as the rest of my army!

Goltor Lintrepide:

Those hobbos look great, but they are a little bit too black-orc-ish for my taste.

Keep the good job going anyway!

Groznit Goregut:

Well, I have been working on the flags for my BSB. They are hand done. Not the best picture, but not so bad…

Groznit Goregut:

…and it’s finished!

Kera foehunter:

I like them, great job G - man

Groznit Goregut:

I’m quite excited! There is a GT in my state that will have a 3000 pt list with no comp restrictions. With that in mind, I had found something else that might work for my 2nd K’Daai Destroyer. I did want something completely different and I had found it months ago. I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want them to become popular and sell out! I picked this puppy up for $12-15 on ebay.

Here it is out of the package (with my son as the hand model):

I think this thing looks more like the fluff for a K’daai than a Balrog model. Here it is next to my other K’daai and a Arachnarok:

This thing will barely fit on a 100 x 150 base!

I do plan on cutting off the cannon, adding a demon prince head and demon prince arms to the turret.

Kera foehunter:

That is your best find yet Mr. Goregut… oooooohhhhhhhhhhh

i have to try to get one of those… You just help me a lot thank you

* HUG *



A great find!!! Cool mini;P

Groznit Goregut:

Well, I played a game on Thursday night. My dice were so terrible that I had to get some new dice. My local store has a card where if you spend $100, you get a free $15 of product. I looked and 36 Chessex dice were $14!

Worked on my bases. I am thinking of doing a pattern on the tiles, but I like the grey and Shadow Grey mix. It will set off the red.

Also touched up the base for my Destroyer…

Still so much to do!