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Kera foehunter:

What Gear would a cd have besides there weapon ??

like a Canteen ?? a pack ??


I think they would travel light, armour, shield, weapon and big hat with a small flask of bear and some light rations, they would have a hobgoblin to carry the rest like a pack maul


A Chaos Dwarf Warrior ?

- Boots of Iron.

- Armour.

- Helmet.

- Jug, for beer.

- Bag, for the money.

- Pipe and tobacco.

- Several tools, maybe for torture.

- Ornaments and trinkets ( Rings, piercings, bangles… ).

:hat off


You’d have to carry a whip as well for all the slaves you’d be capturing.  Maybe some rope as well, always need rope.

I imagine they would have iron supply wagons pulled by slaves with all the bulky things on. (hmmm… that would make a good artisans theme actually…)

Border Reiver:

In the ancient world most of the warriors would carry their armour, shield and weapons, and would have a slave or two to carry the rest of the kit (bedroll, food, cooking utensils, etc.) The Romans were probably the first to make each soldier responsible to carry most of his kit, only putting the communal equipments such as tents or cooking pots onto pack animals or wagons.

since most Dawi Zharr armies are supposed to be slaving expeditions, lots of stuff to ensure the slaves don’t get away would be standard (probably fetters rather than rope - rope can be cut or chewed through - iron can’t.

Kera foehunter:

What about a locket with a picture of there beloved one??

Border Reiver:

It’s under the beard - right next to the current issue of Playdwarf.


a mithril flask with and endless supply of ale…


Like Border Reiver says, I doubt they’d carry their own kit. Probablly just their weapons, armour and a small ammount of food and water to sustain them through a long march


Like Border Reiver says, I doubt they'd carry their own kit. Probablly just their weapons, armour and a small ammount of food and water to sustain them through a long march

I'm sure that's what they'll carry on the battlefield, but every soldier knows that when you're far from home, you always make room for personal items to keep you happy.

Whether it's alcohol to keep you happy, a game to entertain groups and start gambling (Unless you're near allies, you've got money to blow, you've got swag, and you're bored when you're not on duty), a family picture, or just a more comfortable bed roll. You gotta have the little comforts.

My guess is a typical Chaos Dwarf would carry a handful (in number) of small personal objects they could easily carry without help, in addition to a pack (Which would carry rations, extra uniforms and, in early campaign at least, their armor when marching) and bedroll. There's got to be a baggage train (No army in history could survive long without one) following the army with extra provisions, sharpening stones, maybe a small altar to Hashut or the makings of one, and probably a wagon just to carry the higher ups and their materiel.

Kind of expanding on that.
An army marches on it's stomach, so I'd expect there to be a few soldiers trained in cooking or a camp cook (possibly both). There'd be a few camp followers as well to take care of some outside interest within the army. People like slavers to take care of captives, a torture detachment for getting what they want out of prisoners, and a few lesser members of the regiments to take care of miscellaneous duties around the camp.


Not to mention the surgeon and priestesses, who I imagine would carry things depending on if it was before or after the battle (before they’d be back at camp, after they’d be rushing round the battlefield so would need to carry more).

My army would have a Beermaster to give refreshment to the troops after the battle, and a special brew for the injured ones.

Kera foehunter:

I would starve my troops before the battle so they would fight better
a person with a full bellie would not fight as hard sorta like a big fat old dog…
but there would be a celebration on the winning of the battle!!
after the lutting of course


They store everything they need for the march in their big hat. :hat

Kera foehunter:

i think your right t-man


If I were a Chaos Dwarf:

-Giant hat – Never leave home without it
-Curling irons for my beard
-Tusk polish
-Industrial strength nose-hair trimmer
-Bags to hold tobacco and other assorted narcotics
-A whip – Indiana Jones always seems to find a use for it, and they’re especially good for hitting slaves with
-As much armour as my wee frame can carry
-A mug for beer, whiskey, or other manly drinks
-An issue of Hobgoblins Gone Wild for those lonely nights

Kera foehunter:

ftw a bottle opener


Handcuffs for any unexpected enslavement opportunites.


They store everything they need for the march in their big hat. :hat

I was just going to say that. Even the smallest hat has loads of possibilities to store some of the smaller gear.
Handcuffs for any unexpected enslavement opportunites.

And victory celebrations. :)

Kera foehunter:

Handcuffs for any unexpected enslavement opportunites.

is this for friend or foe :hat off

Border Reiver:

Does it matter? I’m not certain if they’d still be friends after