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Chaos Dwarf hero/lord

Here he is; my first painted CD model in my army,

and the first time I post in the “showcase” part of this forum! hurray for me! :cheers

Now when Woh Issue #6 is out, I dont have to hide these photo’s anymore, since the suprise moment Is over.

This model is a heavy converted Dwarf hero from the BFSP box.

To see the unpainted version of this model (and find links to the progress of making It),

Click here!




Awesome mini! :hat off

My favourite is the two-axe version!

I like the dark and evil colour scheme!

Will you release this mini? :wink:



Very cool, he has serious presence :slight_smile:


wow,this guy looks mean!

really like the pose


black hammer:

That is so cool!

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Love it! Can u possibly give some tips on how you made it?


excellent model i like the version with the shield, it ties the model in well as the face on the shield looks like his own :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Ahhh he even happy a lot of cd on a 25mm stand ! great job


For those of you asking there is a tutorial on this mini in the latest WoH

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow very cool! Like the earthy colours and the strong shades. Great character!

Border Reiver:

The only complaint I have with this model is that the colours blend together too well. There is not a lot of contrast between the model’s colours to let the really well executed painting and the superb sculpting show through.


i like the axe and shield combo.


That is awesome. very awesome.


an amazing model… 10+


epic mini (i like the way he’s smiling at me:p)