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Hi guys,
I come to you with a query.
Over at a site I moderate for, The Pyramid Vault. We have a feature set up that when marked what armies you collect, and what you versus a lot, small glyphs appear under your username to signify this. We have an icon for most armies - and I have been pushing for Chaos Dwarves to also get their own icon (Dogs of War got one, so why shouldn’t Dawi Zharr).

So I am wondering, to you, what is the icon that most personifies the Chaos Dwarves. This is supposed to be a symbol - not a person or anything. My first thoughts would’ve been the rune of Hashut. Apparently a lightning bolt represents them (According to some extended Generals Compendium icon set - which I believe we’ve used for the rest of the icons) but that seems a bit generic to me.



You could use the older icons which often appeared random in the books.

I dont know if I would use these if I were you. Just ideas really.


The lightning bolt is traditional. The Rune of Hashut doesn’t quite give any better of a feeling than the bolt. A volcano might be a good idea too: something lava oriented. Or a bull’s face… hehe.


I love the skull with lightning coming out of it. So cheesy and awesome.

turquois dwarf:

:hashut <- something like him


The rune on this axe would be a good choice:


Cool site but your link is broken.

Perhaps if you provide us examples of what other armies use, we could better answer your question :slight_smile:



Thanks for the replies so far.

Sorry about the broken link, don’t know how I got two http’s in there - fixed now.

here is the thread in question about the Army buttons. You can see the army buttons under people’s avatars (Along with the other information like posts, join date, etc).

I just thought that a lightning bolt seemed a little generic to me. I mean, does it really signify Chaos Dwarves over something like Lore of the Heavens, or any other thing a lightning bolt could represent?

The images in the 2nd post are nice, but I do wonder how well they’ll translate down in scale (These icons are small). Still, thanks for the suggestions so far :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

I would just use one of these:

Preferably the bottom left one.


you mean the top left one

Pyro Stick:

you mean the top left one

I prefer the bottom left one. But everyone here has a favourite so we are never going to agree.

Hashut’s Blessing:

The lightning bolt is traditional, but looking at the ones on the army books, i’d suggest that the Rune is better. The downside is that people don’t agree on which way it should go (I think that’s what furrie is referring to, but I prefer the bottom left one). Can’t do a big hat or mask for the same reason. I think it’s probably best to stick to a flame or the original lightning bolt, purely to avoid complications with people’s personal opinions…


you mean the top left one

I prefer the bottom left one. But everyone here has a favourite so we are never going to agree.

Pyro Stick
do we still don't have a "right one"? the bottom left looks wrong, it goes down, CDs like it big, heading up! :hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s not official which way up it goes, all we know is that the open part always faces the handle. Which, to me, suggest that is the bottom… Also, I prefer how it looks that way up. But, it’s all personal decisions as the end of the day.

Pyro Stick:

All four different directions probably mean different things in the chaos dwarf language. So they are all probably right in different context’s.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Well, I prefer this one.  Because my cds are big hats.  :hat :hashut