[Archive] Chaos Dwarf in the number 3 of the Top 25!

Pyro Stick:

kill joy...
wait... Archaon on foot or on his evil pony?
I love the on foot Archaon!


No its archaon on his "evil pony" lol. But i agree, the archaon on foot is an awesome model. I have 2.

Lord Archaon:

Posted by Pyro Stick

#2 is Belakor and #1 is Archaon. There is something that you can do to the links to see the rest of the models.
lol, I didn't think of that :)

Here are the links to number one and two:

Number 1
Number 2

I'm very happy that they'll recast the hero.:cheers
What if they'll recast all of the chaos dwarf?:o
It would be awesome.


Number 1: Astragoth !!! I dont care what GW thinks.

They forgot some tomb king mini in their list.

Kera foehunter:

where 3rd yea this is what we needed !!


Wait didn’t someone say something about the Lammasu when it got leaked last month? �ober confused now.


Hate to be the voice of doom but they’ve also got Hrothogg, the familiars and the hot pot in there. I know we’re in third but this is probablly just a few old schoolers coming out of the woodwork. I doubt very much that he or the big hats will be re-cast which is a shame coz he’s an awesome model. The ziggurat is a DWARF senario not ours. It no more indicates CDs are back than any terreign article


hehehe, go us, two entries in the top 25

see, that is proof we are the greatest army in the game


im so hapy im shaking

this means that in the whole world, of all gw employees were number three of all the models

belakor being number two, and archaeon being number one im just so happy


Woo go us now we just need to get everyone to vote for the hero when the pole starts.


Check out Rick’s update


So �?" by a whisker our GW HQ 25 year favourite is Archaon Lord of the End Times �?" and that despite the Northern European Sales Team’s frankly shoddy attempts to boost the Chaos Dwarf Lord’s score by sneaky multiple voting on behalf of the ‘Big Hat’ faction. Be’lakor also emerged as a top contender with the Green Knight, Wood Elf Lord and Lichemaster also well supported. Some of our older models didn’t do as well as expected �?" whilst some modern miniatures did better �?" which we put down to the fact that many of our staff are younger than some models on the list!

Now we’re going to open up our poll for you to cast your vote �?" just pick your favourite from the Warhammer top 25, as voted by Games Workshop staff. Remember, we’re not looking for the best sculpted model or the most powerful gaming piece �?" just your favourite �?" whether it was your first model, a character fondly remembered, or perhaps a model once owned and sorely missed.

Voting begins Monday 14th April

We’ll keep the polls open until 27th April, before announcing your all-time favourite Warhammer model!
So as 511a5 said, we need to get busy getting people to vote CD! Spread the word my bretheren to all other forums you’re on.



soon, all shall know dawi zharr are superior + go northen europe sales teamm, chaos dwarves away


Thank you Europe.