[Archive] Chaos Dwarf 'librarian'?


A thought I’ve just had that seems reasonably good.

Basically a hero level character that not quite a sorcerer, but not quite a warrior either.��I guess he would be called a Priest.

The reason I used the term librarian is because my initial idea was to base him a little on the 40k SM Librarians.��I.e. a heavily armoured warrior mystic.��He would be less aloof than the Sorcerers, and would represent a spiritual leader more than a magician.

My thought was that he would have a small range of blessings like an Empire Warrior priest, but unlike the priest his ‘blessings’ would help or hinder those around him.��So not quite the same as a sorcerer, who could be seen as focusing only on the destructive magic.��This guy would inflict damage upon the enemy, but more psychological and movement based than actual casualties, and one blessing would aid CD nearby/ in his unit.��A different kind of war.

Admitedly I’m interested in the idea more from a modelling point of view, a warrior-sorcerer in heavy armour ‘using the force’, :s but I think this would make a nice Hero as well.��Useful too.

That might give:

CD Hero (option of BSB )

Arcane Engineer



(Hobgoblin Khan/ Hero.) not sure if in or not

So a nice variety.


too many… and you know it…

Hashut’s Blessing:

I know it’s too many, but a priest seems cool. (I’m quite partial to the “spells” being called hashut’s Blessings or at least one called Hashut’s Blessing :slight_smile: Not PURELY because of my screen name, but I think it sounds cool…) Idea! It could, mayhaps, be a special character! (Similar to the types that WD would randomly produce every now and then!) That’d be cool. A Disciple of Hashut. Wears Heavy Armour/Special CD Armour. Can cast one/two bound spells called Blessings or something similar…


then eliminate the sorceror…

Hashut’s Blessing:

But, why eliminate the sorcerer? This is a cross between combat and magic. It’s a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Often, you want a specialist. Maybe two specialists, in different areas. The idea of this is to AUGMENT them, not remove their necessity.


Why not just make it an optional upgrade to the sorcerer? Maybe use something like the kindred system that wood elves use. There really doesn’t need to be a separate guy, I bet you were even planning to have the same stats. I do like the idea though.


I’d drop the Hobgoblin Khan if anyone were to go.

Any chance you could expand on that kindred system Cornixt?��Too long since I read the WE book I’m afraid.

This would not be a replacement of the sorcerer because they would do completely different things.

The sorcerers focus on causing damage through powerfull spells, the priest focuses more on pyschological warfare and aiding the CD army.

So they would operate in different ways.


I think that kind of benefit, as well the fact we are augmented by the earthshaker and we have fast moving hobbos in the list, could completely unbalance the list.

it depends how effetive his blessings are, but in essence its a good idea even if it is just for modelling purposes.


Like battle wizards and warrior preists, the first is pure magic and good at i, and the second can fight, but his spells suck in power


Kindreds give different rules like extra attacks or special armour saves. I think there are six kindreds in total. Most are used to fit a character into a specific unit but not all of them. A character from one kindred is very different from another, it’s like having a whole extra character per kindred.


Despite my utter opposition to this, I’m rather inspired by the idea.

My two ideas:

1. Make this a Sorcerer who has become a Bull Centaur; his magical abilities have mutated along with his body, and he now has a bound spell or two, in the same manner as a Warrior Priest.

2. (which I might be incorporating into my list) Give the Arcane Engineer the usual Daemonsmith upgrade, but rather than a Level 1 Wizard, give him the base spell from Fire, Shadow, or Metal as a bound spell at Power Level 3.

3. Replace the Sorcerers (Lord and Hero variants) entirely with Sorcerer-Priests (an appropriate title anyway), with the same stats, but his rolled spells as Bound Spells at -1 Power Level.

Lord Darkash:

I thought just keeping the hero option but have the others as upgrades with appropriate costs, similar to kindreds. So upgrade to Priest/librarian or Sorcerer or Arcane engineer from the basic hero to create an appropriately pointed hero level who then has a few other options (E.G upgrade sorcerer further to a lvl 2 etc.) but each one suffers in some way (sorcerer loses a stat or 2 etc.)


I like the idea of the priest, but not so much for the khan. Then youd have the same amount as the empire. and 4 heroes isn’t too many.

I like the idea of the hobgobs being slaves, maybe with a really good champion, ala the 40k Kroot with the Shaper.


well why not make 2 spellbooks, a Lava-book and a Hashut-Book, and the Wizard can choose…




Hi all :hat off

My first post on this forum. I’ve been looking through it for some time now and finally decided to take active part in discussion.

The librarian guy sure is fluffy and interesting, but as many have stated, there are too many heroes. And to add even more, I have to ask - what happened to the good old Bull Centaur Hero? He should be there.

Also I think, that the Hobgoblin hero/khan is needed, as hobgobbos (hobbos shorter? ) need him.

I like the idea of customizable sorcerer. I would even put it further. Give him an option of level 2 OR priest/librarian thing OR the Deamonsmith. That way the arcane engineer could be dropped…

The reason for dropping the arcane engineer is that from what I’ve read in other topic he seems a bit overpowered compared to the dwarven engineer and his function mirrors that of the dwarven counterpart. We don’t want an evil-dwarf army, right? We want a distinct army, with distinct story, units and stuff. So no evil-engineer, evil-hammerer etc. I would rather see something new.

Just thought I’ll share my crazy ideas :slight_smile:


I have no opinion on the Bull Centaur (hero and lord, or hero or lord) But the Librarian idea is pretty awesome. What it should be is another lore they get to pick from. Their own lore in fact, making use of the fact that most magic heavy sides do in fact have their own lore. Give the sorcerer the ability to use the Lore of Hashut, or the Texts of Hashut, or whatever they’d be called. They would be spells that would compliment their army. Probably spells that boost the dwarf abilities. Possibly useful while with units. Probably relatively low casting difficulties, due to the fact that their magic is feared, but not as powerful as, say, Elven Magic. That way they can get their spells off with ease, and possibly cast more of them. With 4 dispel dice, people will find it difficult to dispel 3 spells. (two L2 mages on each side)

As for the engineer, unless they have a lot more war machines, they really don’t need it. The reason the dwarfs have one is because thats their specialty. The Empire for the same reason. Chaos Dwarfs don’t have enough war machines to say they specialize in them. Sure, maybe their war machines are more unique, but there’s only two of them. I could see an engineer if they had a lot more war machines to power. Also, the idea of having an engineer in addition to having some of the best war machines in the game, (save maybe the hellblaster) would be catastrophic in balancing terms. Anything they do would likely make the machines too good.


You would have to see the list I worked on to see why its appropriate to have the Arcane Engineer.��Basically he would be useful to not only warmachines, but rocketeers and Iron Golems.��Not to mention his own mechanical mount option.

I can’t really see the kindred system working too well, as the special rules attached to each would be uneccessarily complicated.

I dropped the BC hero (and lord), as I’m still not sure whether to include them in the list at all… Which makes a hero/priest based on one useless if he doesn’t have a unit.

The hobgoblin Khan is another issue, as I would like to downplay them generally in the list.��However, I wouldn’t see 5 hero choices as a problem in this case.��The only reason that the O&G have so many hero/ lord choices is because their list demands it.��Would ours?��i’m still not sure, but if the list does then in he will go.

The upgradeable sorcerer might work, but I imagined the Priest to have slightly different core rules/ profile.


About the priest/sorcerer - the upgrade could work more or less like that: lvl 1 sorcerer could be upgraded to a lvl 2 for 35 pts (obviously) or could be upgraded to a priest, which gives him the following: spell list change, +1 to stat x, -1 to stat y, rule1, rule2 etc. I think this could work. Of course if you want the priest to have close to 10 rules and differ every stat, then it won’t work. But slightly different rules could work.

The hobgoblin hero should be treated as O&G heroes, they simply have to be in the book. Maybe hobgoblin lord is not needed but I would keep the khan. CD are an army that consists of at least two different races. And like other such armies (O&G, HoC) can have race-specific heroes.