[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Lord(1)

Jakk Trash:

Hi everybody! :hat off

This is my first chaos dwarf conversion and… Umm… What should I say? I have only little experience with green stuff, so the beard and the hat could have been better, but I’m still quite satisfied with this mini. So… Comments please! Tell me if you like it. (or not)

P.S. The picture is pretty bad, but try to get something out of it.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Well, I think you’ve done quite allright actually! What did you use for the tusks?

Jakk Trash:

What did you use for the tusks?

Tips of a toothpick. :)


lookin good so far!

now you need a unit of curly beards to accompany him into battle!


Very well done! This is a promising start to what could be an Excellent Dawi’zharr force!


very little GS experiance? that hat and beard are amazing…how I envy you

and the toothpick idea is awesome, officoualy yoinked:cheers


How did you do the nose?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

He cut it off somebody else’s face - as any true Chaos Dwarf should! :hat

Hashut’s Blessing:

It looks very good and clean, actually. Not too cluttered either. I’m surprised that you say you’ve had little GS experience as the beard is done better than any I do and the hat is perfectly formed with an outstanding skull emblem on it. Kudos!


The detail is good and the hat looks nice and smooth.

For a first effort that is very impressive.

Jakk Trash:

Thanks guys! You’re really inspiring me to do more these dwarfs. Maybe I start a new dwarf TODAY. Must say that I’m really surprised! So much positive feedback… :slight_smile: And yeah, the nose was stolen from a night goblin.


Great pushpin Bighat:hat off ,CD’s are definately the thing to get yer greenstuffing:hat


Holy Hashut that is some good work for a first time effort!  Is that a goblin nose?  The whole figure looks amazing!  If my first time working with green stuff is half that good I’ll be more than happy. Good job! Have a slave so you can produce more!


He’s looking good, I do like the idea of a nose transfer and where would we be without toothpicks.:hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

If we’re inspiring you to do more, stop posting and start doing :wink: Need more CD fix…