[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Merchant


It has always been an idea of mine to sculpt a chaos dwarf merchant…

I imagine him to be swathed in gold and fine fabrics, ontop of a palanquin of some sorts

I can just imagine him bartering with some orcs…

CD: So my friend, what should i call you?

Orc: Nazgit The Ded ‘Ard

CD: So, have you brought something to…barter with?

Orc: Yer…I brought aload of dem scrawny bstrds for yeh

CD: Oh good…so what would you like in return for your…‘little friends’?

Orc: I wan’…some of dose big shooteh fingys you stunties 'ave, a shiney new choppa, a few flash fingies and some ded stopmpy boots

CD: In return for a few goblins…You drive a hard bargain…

Orc: Too right i doo, if i cum back wivart summut shiney, da boss wiw use ma head as a boot polisha

CD: Ok…you have a deal


Don’t see the CD driving such a poor deal myself, better be a LOT of goblins…

Its a really cool idea Warplock. I may do a CD as paymaster for my DoW army

Pyro Stick:

This is an awesome idea for a model. What kind of rules would it have though?? I cant imagine it being all that strong in combat but maybe it could barter the enemy out of its weapons or something like that lol.


That’s a very cool idea indeed, and I like AGPO’s paymaster take on it. In Chaos Dwarf game terms it could just make a cool unit filler for some fortunate regiment of CD warriors… or just a plain ol’ battle standard, just like a DoW paymaster.


Or a cool objective marker!!

I heartily endorse this project! A very cool idea. I think that perhaps you could use the model beyond just a merchant though. These might all fall into the same characterization, IMHO:

Slave Trader

Greenskin Liaison


I can just see him twirling the ends of his curly moustache while contemplating raising the stakes of the deal…


a messenger model for scenarios that use it.

Ghrask Dragh:

I think it’s Greasus Goldtooth that has a special rule to represent his wealth, he tries to buy out opposition units. I think it would be a cool idea to have them try to buy out other units and have it effect their game.


so you can try to buy out there army general who is riding some big dragon :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

Why not model him after the pay master of the dog of war.You could also have cool body guards.


We’re Chaos Dwarfs we don’t barter we TAKE what we want from greenskins.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Actually I could imagine a Chaos Dwarf slave trader, but not much else… we Dawi Zharr are not well known for our delicate pottery after all, are we? :wink:


We TAKE what slaves we want! :wink:

Barring that: I don’t know about pottery, but we could always trade them these dwarf sized statues that seem to be lining the approaches to the city…


Well i thought the same as AGPO, as a paymaster for a DOW army or Mordheim

I imagine him to be like one of those steriotypical arab traders, just like GRND says, twirling his moustache and looking down at some scruffy greenskin and wondering how he could fleece him

I wasn’t really thinking about rules, just the cool moddeling posibility, but now you mention it i can see him as having the stats of a sorcerer (the decreased movement because of his obesity), without the magic, but with Greasius Goldtooth’s bartering rule

I am sure to go straight onto this…after my entry for GH#5 of course…:wink:

Kera foehunter:

what about are harry pottery.I’m shure we can trade him


greasus goldtooth makes one enemy unit in his line of sight make a stupidity test, i beleive at -1 because he is bribing them.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

@Willmark: actually I meant a guy who sells slaves. The humans and the Ogres can’t see the difference between a good slave and a bad one anyway. :hat


For rules, you could get units at a cheaper point cost, as hes bartered for the gear and the blokes, or ‘sponsored’ the army for protection. Sounds good tho, he’d need a Hookah an turban.


CDs do trade - look at leadbelchers


I picture a Chaos Dwarf merchant with gold chains around his neck, a hairy chest, gold teeth, gold rings.

Seriously, go nuts.