[Archive] Chaos Dwarf miners?


Do you think these could appear in our long awaited book?

Fluffwise they would make sense, nobody knows as much about mining as the dwarfs/ chaos dwarfs.  So there is certainly a very good reason why they should be there.

But on the other side having advance deployment troops would make a very interesting change for how the CD list could play.

Whenever I play CD using Dwarf rules I avoid using them, so the list plays slower, but I’ve been thinking that this could be a fun unit to include.

How would the CD version be any different?  No great weapons but compulsory blast charges?


i can’t see a chaos dwarf with a mining pick, thats for slaves, but i can see overseers with wips and big mining machines with a crazed rider with big goggles.


I agree with jolpis there.

The big difference I’d say is that for regular dwarfs part of the idea of miners is that they are using the existing dwarf tunnel system, even dwarfs would have trouble keeping up tunnelling with a battle. There’s a reason it is used in sieges and static warfare after all.

CD miners, if they indeed aren’t using slaves would be working around Zharr Naggrund and the mines there not digging tunnels in other parts of the world.

To be honest I don’t think Dwarf miners are really appropriate either.