[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Molten Stronghold


I have been working on this over the past month, hope you enjoy!

Chaos Dwarf Molten Stronghold

Please feel free to rate and comment on the youtube page as well as here, since the more hits and stars it gets the more people will get to see it in searches, and there’s a shout-out to Chaos-Dwarfs.com at the end :wink:



looking cool, but the photo switch to much

Ghrask Dragh:

Awesome, seriously nice stuff, very impressive!! :hat off

Thommy H:

Can we see some pictures of it, please?

Kera foehunter:

wow that’s great !!! so what do you do in your spare time Vexxus

Tharzhul Firehelm:

Looks really good mate, love your work.


Looks great! When you start moving the individual pieces around it reminded me of that old boardgame “Fireball Island” - anyone remember that? Anyways, awesome!


Can we see some pictures of it, please?

Thommy H
Still photographs are pending release, they may or may not make it into the Border Town Burning Mordheim Supplement Release, in which case the photos would come here after release.


very cool. If you have some more boards that size you could probably make a whole gaming table of Dark Lands terrain.


Extra cool presentation, I second everybody that wants pictures for better details… but the music and presentation… so cool!


Sweet! That’s very impressive. The flag on the tower is cool. A minor negative thing that i noticed, was the fires in the torches, i mean shouldn’t the flames be lighter near the source (bottom) :wink: But anyway, that is one hell of a terrain. Music fits perfectly. I’m waiting for the photos as well.


:o wow absolutely impressive!! needless to say you did a fantastic job, many

slaves must have died for this one :slight_smile: how long did it take you?


:o wow absolutely impressive!! needless to say you did a fantastic job, many
slaves must have died for this one :)  how long did it take you?

Well I had a month to complete it, but didn't exactly use my time well. I would guestimate around 15-20 hours of actual work (as opposed to drying time and planning).

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looks very sweet! Where’s mine then?


I’m liking it (makes mental notes)…


Hello, everyone!

I am proud to present exclusive photos of Vexxus Molten Stronghold in the gallery of the Border Town Burning website. Head over there to take a look!


Awesome pictures!

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I agree awsome pictures


Congrats to Vexxus for finishing in the Top 10 of the Contest that this was entered into!



great model!respect:hat off