[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Mordheim Rules c/o Border Town Burning and Hand of Hashut!


Head over to the Hand of Hashut to check out some sweet new rules for using Chaos Dwarf warbands!


I have been working with the team working on the upcoming Border Town Burning campaign supplement for Mordheim (currently in development) and am happy to offer to our members playtest versions of the rules so that you can help the feedback of the list for the folks at GW. As with and playtest material remember that this is the official IP of Games Workshop and all their rules apply to it as with any other GW published material. Here are excerpts from the emails.
It seems there may even be a contest to convert some miniatures! Check it out! There is a PDF that can be downloaded there.

Spread the glory of Hashut! :hat off


Ghrask Dragh:

The pdf looks good, where are they getting the artwork? I can’t seem to work out what the comp’ is for, is it the hobgoblin scout?

it’s worth pointing out - This is not an official Games Workshop supplement!


Still it bears watching to see what GW does with it. I.e their reaction (if any) to it.

Kera foehunter:

sweet im working on my hobbos this would be cool to play.


Neat, although It looks like I can no longer go check out Hand of Hashut’s hobby forum without being a member… thbbt!


Yes, I also noticed I could not have access unless logged in. That’s odd.


Yes, I also noticed I could not have access unless logged in.  That's odd.

Is it?

Think that CDO has the same feature:hat
NOTE:  Those viewing this from a link in another forum, you need to register at CDO to download these.  If you don't reply to something within one week your account will be deleted anyway (anti-spam measure), so you can just register to download ;)

Grimstonefire @ Thread: CD Alternative Sourcebook


That is in reference to attachments only. Attachments are not shown for non registered users, apparently.

The “contest” is for the gallery section of the supplement. I may run a painting contest for this for GH#6 perhaps! :slight_smile:


Notice they call them ‘Black Dwarfs’. Not nearly as fun as Chaos Dwarfs :wink:


Haha, I concur! But the list looks fun, and now I want to make a warband. Hehehe.


Check out Cianty’s latest reply on that thread.

They basically want a 500 pt warband, though would take pics of other things too (prison cart).

Ghrask Dragh:

I like the sound of this, I’m going to try my own warband!


If Mordheim were more popular around here I’d probably make a warband. Stinks because I’ve always liked the rules Gor said game.


The Mordheim rules are free, you’ve probably got most of the models.

Free games!