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I doubt many people here will remember, but I was part of a project group that was working on a complete book for about 18 months.��Most people lost interest back in Feb, so we stopped.

We were working on not just the list, but a complete re-write of fluff, new art, and some models as well.��For anyone interested, here is the link: http://www.tabletopwelt.de/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=130.��You can’t just register and post there as you need permission to join that project.��I recommend people take a look over there though as there is tonnes of cool art.

I’m proud of what we achieived, and though it was so close to being completed, it wasn’t quite.��Its pointless trying to imagine how many hours have gone into this, probably in the hundreds, with countless emails and messenger conversations.��I am planning to complete this in paper form by the end of september.��Maybe next year I will finally get it online as a pdf.

I think Revlid is the only member on CDO who was a part of this, so thanks to him for providing all the magic items, and helping on some other parts.

As I have countless versions of this list, I know this won’t be the most complete version.��Its the only one with all the web form��editing [ i][ b] etc.

The fluff behind all the units is here

All the finished fluff is here

Note as well that my views on certain things have changed since this, so there may be a few changes in the list yet to come.


Iron Will: Chaos Dwarf units march with a grim discipline. This means infantry sized Chaos Dwarf units may march move even if there are enemy within 8" (note: this rule does not apply to Expendable units).

Unyielding: As harsh and unyielding as the environment they control, infantry sized Chaos Dwarf units flee and pursue 2D6"-1 instead of the normal 2D6" (note: this rule does not apply to Expendable units).

Specific Entry Special Rules:


Expendable: With the exception of a Hobgoblin Khan (who may only join a unit of Hobgoblin infantry or cavalry), no characters may join an Expendable unit. Fleeing Expendable units do not cause panic amongst any unit other than those with the Expendable rule. Also, Expendable units do not count towards the minimum number of core units required.

Animosity: All Hobgoblins are Greenskins, and as such are prone to the infighting and bickering normally associated with others in that race. At the start of each turn of the Chaos Dwarf player all units of Hobgoblins, including Sneaky Gits and Great Wolf Riders, have to test for animosity, if they suffer from animosity, roll a D6 and check the result on the table below. If the unit consists of less than five models, or is fleeing or in close combat it is exempt from this test. Hobgoblin Khans will be affected by the same animosity as any Hobgoblin unit they join.

Hobgoblin Animosity Chart:

1. No one’s lookin’, kill 'em.

Knife 'em lads, those boyz are as soft as da slaves, kill ‘em all.

If your unit is armed with missile weapons then this turn it will halt and shoot the nearest Expendable unit. The target must be of a kind that currently has to take Animosity or Slave Animosity tests, even Hobgoblins wouldn’t risk incurring the wrath of the Chaos Dwarfs. Work out the effects of shooting immediately. Assume that individuals can turn to shoot to their side or rear without any penalties, you don’t need to worry about moving the models themselves. Note that all shots are worked out at the start of this turn, rather than in the Shooting phase. A unit which has shot cannot do anything else that turn. If there is no suitable Expendable unit within missile range the unit will Squabble instead (see next rule).

If your unit is not armed with a missile weapon, then it will charge the nearest Expendable unit only if it is currently able to do so. The target of the charge must be of a kind that currently has to take Animosity or Slave Animosity tests. The attacking unit must charge to its front and must be able to charge this unit as if it were an enemy. If there is no suitable Expendable unit within charge range the unit will Squabble instead (see next rule).

A unit able to charge is moved against its target, and fights using its usual rules. Once both units have fought, move the units 1" apart. They can be turned to face a different direction if desired. Do not calculate combat results. Both units will not be able to do anything for the rest of the turn. A unit that has been charged does not then have to test for animosity if it has not already done so.

2-5. Squabble.

What? Zorgat dat stinky git is paid more than me!

A minor dispute grows into a general riot as punches are thrown and curses made. This prevents all moving and shooting this turn. The unit can do nothing this turn as the Khagan gives them all a good bashin’.

6. We’re da best.

Come on ladz, we want da gold. Charge!

Determined to get to the enemy first and secure their gold bonus, the Hobgoblin unit moves a full normal move (not a march move) towards the nearest enemy unit, deducting the usual penalties for terrain, turning etc. The unit must move to get as close to the enemy as possible, and cannot move less unless there is an uncrossable obstacle or another unit in the way. If the unit moves into an enemy unit is counts as having charged

This extra move is an exception to the normal turn sequence, and units affected by this result will no longer be considered as suffering for Animosity this turn. It may still move in the Movement phase, shoot and fight as normal. If this extra move brings you into charge range, you may then declare a charge in your Movement phase if you wish.


Level 1���� 3���� -
Level 2���� 2����6+
Level 3���� 1����5+
Level 4���� 0����4+

As the unit defends the honour of Hashut and his sorcerers the mighty God delivers them with a protecting magical shield. The unit and any character that is with them receive a magical resistance (MR) of (1).


Before the game begins, after the deployment of troops, choose one spot on the battlefield and mark it. This is the point from which the Berserkers will emerge.

At the start of each of your Movement Phases after the first, before charges are declared, roll a D6 to see if the Berserkers emerge.

D6 Roll Required��Turn Number
���� …��������������1

When they do emerge, roll a Scatter Dice and an Artillery Dice to see where they scatter. Move the marker in the direction indicated by the Scatter Dice, the distance indicated by the Artillery Dice. Place the Berserker unit on the table so that at least one model of the unit is touching the marker. If the unit emerges with any model in contact with one or more enemy units, they are placed in combat in the front of one of the units (controlling player’s choice) and count as making a frontal charge. If the unit Scatters off the table, they are removed from the game, but the opponent does not recieve Victory Points for them. If a Misfire is rolled, consult the below chart.


1. Consumed by Chaos

The unit is killed.

2-5. Disoriented

The Berserker unit emerges at the selected point, but may not charge this turn.

6. Interference

Your opponent may place the Summon marker anywhere on the field.


Daemonic Attacks: As they are controlled by daemons, the machine makes magical attacks.

Daemonic Aura: The models receive a 6+ ward save.


Forge Master

Arcane Engineers are highly skilled in all aspects of engineering having spent a lifetime studying the workings of machines.��

Any warmachine or Rocketeers unit that the Arcane Engineer joins may re-roll on their misfire table

o Rocketeers

If he joins a Rocketeer unit, they may use his Ballistic Skill instead.

o Soul Reaper

If he joins a Soul Reaper you may re-roll one of the D6’s when firing.

o Earthshaker or Hellcannon

If he joins an Earthshaker or Hellcannon, the player may re-roll any single D6, be it an artillery dice or when testing to Rampage.

o Battleragers

If an Arcane Engineer on foot, or any character riding a Mechanical Mount joins a Battlerager unit, that unit can have any number of Automaton Upgrades.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Any model armed with a Blunderbuss projects a 20mm wide template 12" straight forward. If the model is part of (or joins) a unit of Blunderbussiers, this counts as a single template. Any enemy model or unit within this is a potential target and is hit based on Ballistic Skill. If the Blunderbuss armed model is part of (or joins) a Blunderbussier unit, the front rank may add +1 to hit for each complete rank behind the first up to a maximum of +2. The Blunderbusses do not suffer from the long range modifier (all other penalties apply as normal). All hits from a Blunderbuss are resolved at S3. The Blunderbuss is a move and shoot weapon.

Stand and Shoot:

Rule as normal from the Battle Rule Book, but with two exceptions. Blunderbuss armed models do suffer from a stand and shoot penalty since their guns are easy to load but have a very short range. The fire counts as a Concentrated Volley at the charging unit. No other units can be hit.

Concentrated Volley:

If an enemy model or unit is within the template firezone and within Line of Sight, a Blunderbuss armed unit may elect to concentrate fire on this target alone. This is bad news for the target concerned as the concentrated volley is the most devastating of all.��When firing a concentrated volley, roll one dice to hit for each Chaos Dwarf in the front rank, applying modifiers as normally. Resolve all hits against the target as you would for normal shooting. If the models being fired at consists of a chariot, character riding a monster, or other multiple targets, randomly distribute hits exactly as for normal shooting.

Stone Armour:

Forged from the toughest metals known to the Chaos Dwarfs and��reinforced with slabs of granite or marble, these suits of armour are very heavy to wear and fight in.��So much so that wearers will often wear them even when not in battle to improve their endurance.

Rules:��Stone Armour gives a 3+ Armour Save.


                                      • -


                                        Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers may use the Lore of Fire, the Lore of Shadows, the Lore of Metal or the Lore of Hashut when they chose their spells.

                                        Lore of Hashut

                                        Any Sorcerer which uses this lore can switch one of his spells for Fiery Hands when he wishes so.

                                        #1 Fiery Hands - 5+

                                        The hands of the Sorcerer erupt in fire, spitting flames at the enemies and digging through their armour.

                                        This spell counts as a magical missile that deals D3 S5 hits to any one enemy unit up to 18" distance. If the Sorcerer is in close combat, he may target a single model in base-to-base-contact instead, even when he fights in a challenge. For the rest of the turn the Sorcerer’s attacks count as flaming if he uses a non-magical weapon, and he is immune to flaming attacks. The hits from this spell count as flaming attacks.

                                        #2 Ward of Flames - 7+

                                        Flames crawl over the skin of the Dawi Zharr, melting bits of their armour in their skin, striking at enemies and the whispers of the flames praise Hashuts glory.

                                        Flames surround one friendly unit. Each attack of this unit in close combat counts as flaming and has a strength of 4, regardless of weapon. In addition every 6 to-hit roll of the Chaos Dwarfs and every 1 to-hit roll of the enemy deals an additional flaming S4 hit to the enemy unit. The Chaos Dwarfs are also immune to fire and get an 6+ ward save against shooting attacks. This spell counts as ‘remains in play’ and follows all normal rules for this type of spell.

                                        #3 Ashen Cloud - 9+

                                        Ash erupts from the ground and blinds the sight of Hashut’s enemies.

                                        A single enemy unit in up to 18" distance is affected: Each model in the unit halves WS, BS, I, A (rounded up) untill the start of the next magic phase of the Chaos Dwarfs. Character models in the unit are affected as well. This spell can be cast into a close combat.

                                        #4 Petrify - 8+

                                        The Sorcerer casts a powerful curse, so the bodies of their enemies become cold and hard as stone.

                                        A single enemy unit up to 18" distance may be cursed with petrification. Each time the unit wants to move, it has to make a strength test against the lowest strength in the unit: if it is successful the curse is lifted, if not the unit stays petrified and cannot move. Cavalry units, chariots and ridden monsters, etc. have to test against the S of the mount (even if this S is higher than the S of the rider, but it still has to be tested against the S of the mount with the lowest S). The effect of this spells remains in the game, but the sorcerer can still cast other spells and the spell will not end when the sorcerer dies. The spell may be dispelled in any magic phase and once dispelled, or when the unit passes its strength test they can move as normal for the rest of the game. Any afflicted unit is also unbreakable while petrified and cannot pursue. This effect also ends if the spells is dispelled or the unit passes its strength test.

                                        #5 Shattering Storm - 10+

                                        The Sorcerer mutters a word of power and a blizzard of fire, molten metal and screaming shadows flows from his fingers.

                                        Place the flame template in front of the Sorcerer with the small end touching the model. Each model under the template gets a single S5 hit; models partly under the template get hit on a 4+. Each unit that takes damage must immediately take a panic test. The spell does not count as a magic missile; therefore a Sorcerer also may cast this spell in close combat.

                                        #6 Hashuts Trembling Earth - 12+

                                        The earth shakes under the feet of the enemies and an enormous bull, shaped from living darkness and burning flames erupts from the depths. Lava flows around him, while he tramples the enemies of his worshippers.

                                        Place the round 3"-template up to 18" away from the Sorcerer within line of sight. Each model under the template even if just half covered must take an initiative test or take an single S6 hit. Large targets will suffer D3 hits instead of just a single one. Warmachines, buildings, chariots and models without initiative suffer also D3 automatical hits instead of one.

                                        If a model is both - large and part of the last category - it will suffer 2D3 automatical hit.

                                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                        Magic Items

                                        Chaos Dwarf Magic Weapons

                                        Obsidian Blade: 75 Points

                                        A black blade of pure Obsidian from the centre of the Darklands, this razor-sharp blade slices through armour and flesh alike with chilling ease, the twisted Rune of Disruption inscribed on its blade shattering any protection.

                                        No Armour Save is allowed against wounds caused by the Obsidian Blade. Any model that is wounded by the Obsidian Blade has his armour and shield (including Magic Armour and Magic Shields) destroyed.

                                        Dark Mace of Death: 55 Points

                                        With a head of black iron and carved with evil runes, this weapon contains a powerful curse. On the wielder’s command a sound like a hundred death rattles tears through the air, accompanied by a burst of dark energy that sweeps out from the mace, maiming those near its master.

                                        One Use Only

                                        Once per game the wielder may choose to make a single special attack instead of rolling to hit, etc as normal. Every model in base contact (excluding the wielder’s mount) immediately takes D3 wounds with no save of any kind allowed. Monstrous Mounts and their riders take D3 wounds each. Models in challenges count as the only model in base contact.

                                        Black Hammer of Hashut: 50 Points

                                        Forged by the first prophet of Hashut with his bare hands, this immense black hammer grants the wielder the raging power of an inferno. It was first wielded by its maker to drive back the bull centaur Zhor the Mad, driven insane by the corrupting power of the gateway into the Realm of Chaos.

                                        +2 Strength. Flaming Attacks. Flammable targets wounded by the wielder are autokilled with no saves of any kind allowed.

                                        Clockwork Axe: 35 Points

                                        Grimy cogs power the vicious, snarling blades that rotate on the edge of this axe, tearing chunks of flesh out of foes like a greedy animal. It was created by Zarak, the second Engineer Lord, who lost both his hands to its jagged edges soon after. Cursing the weapon for his accident, it is only the strong willed that avoid spilling their own blood.

                                        Every wound inflicted by the wielder is multiplied into two wounds.

                                        Shamshir of Zormogandr: 35 Points

                                        A weapon from the original treasure horde of Zharr Naggrund, this curved blade is studded with dark emeralds, each one containing a vile spirit of venom and plague. The peculiar nature of the gems makes the Shamshir a charm against magic, as demonstrated in the Battle of Vorag.

                                        MR (1). In addition, the wielder has Poisoned Attacks that automatically wounds on a To Hit roll of a 5 or a 6.

                                        Git’s Sneaky Stabbas: 30 Points

                                        Hobgoblin Khagan Only

                                        These two jagged knives have been wielded down the centuries by generations of Chaos Dwarf lackeys, given an oily black sheen by the corruption thick in the air of the Darklands. Their almost sentient bloodlust allows them to seek out the enemy’s vital organs.

                                        Two Hands, +1 Attack. The Wielder may re-roll all failed rolls to Wound. Note that this item may be used by mounted characters.

                                        Daemon’s Breath: 25 Points

                                        One Use Only

                                        Another example of the work of the Daemonsmiths of Daemon’s Stump, the cast-iron dragon’s skull decorating the muzzle of this semi-metal blunderbuss houses a foul tempered daemon that vomits chaotic fire and spews acidic pus.

                                        Once per game the character with this item may Spew Ichor.

                                        Chaos Dwarf Magic Armor

                                        Cloak of Cavebeast Fur: 50 Points

                                        A cloak made from hide viciously shorn from a wandering Rhinox in the dawn of the existence of the Dawi Zharr, this cloak grants a measure of the beast’s toughness to the wearer.

                                        +1 Toughness. Note that taking this armour does not stop you from taking Heavy or Light Armour as well. Wizards may take this armour, and may cast spells whilst wearing it.

                                        Bull Helm: 40 Points

                                        A great symbol of the authority of the wearer, this helm is only gifted to a chosen few, those who have proved their loyalty to Zharr Naggrund time and again. The bovine horns attached to the brow of the helm arc into the sky, proclaiming the wearer’s power to all.

                                        +1 Armour Save. May be combined with other mundane armour. +6" to the range in which the wearer can pass on his Leadership value to troops.

                                        Daeozh Plate: 35 Points

                                        Commissioned from one of the daemonsmiths that frequent the outposts and cities of the Chaos Dwarfs, this suit of armour is still hot from the forge, brought into being by daemonic flames that still reflect in its blackened surface, flickering and leering between gently glowing runes of binding.

                                        Black Plate. The wearer has a Daemonic Aura and is immune to Flaming Attacks.

                                        Armour of Gazrahk: 30 Points

                                        The masterpiece of Chaos Dwarf armoursmiths, this suit of plate emulates the armour of the Darklands Stonebeetle, a highly complex, interlinking exoskeleton that forms a spiked, nigh impenetrable shell around the wearer.

                                        Gives the wearer a 1+ armor save which can’t be improved in any way.

                                        Shield of Daemonic Mercury: 25 Points

                                        The vengeful daemon trapped within this marble-rimmed shield was bound when its iron surface was still molten. Even though the metal has now cooled, its surface still swirls like mercury, a clawed hand of liquid iron reaching out to strike those who get too close.

                                        A Shield. In addition, if the character fails his Armour save, the enemy who wounded him takes a single S5 hit.

                                        Chaos Dwarf Talismans

                                        Talisman of Obsidian: 50 Points

                                        This iron-rimmed talisman of purest obsidian completely cuts off the winds of magic within its small but complete area of influence. It is said that wizards who look too deeply into its pitch black depths can go insane, isolated from the mystical winds that have surrounded them throughout their lives.

                                        The bearer is not affected by any spells, and cannot cast any himself.

                                        Heart of Stone: 45 Points

                                        The fossilised heart of one of the stone dragons that roamed the Darklands in the past, this relic was torn from the chest of the last of this long-dead breed, and passes on the dragon’s regenerative abilities to the holder.

                                        The bearer has the Regeneration Special Rule.

                                        Amulet of Spite: 40 Points

                                        One Use Only

                                        The infamous amulet of spite appears, at first, to be nothing more than a pretty trinket, a fine black diamond on a delicate red chain. But those who hold it in their hands are possessed by a desperate urge to keep it, no matter the cost to their mind or body.

                                        When the character wearing this loses their last wound, they get back up again on the D6 roll of a 2+.

                                        Relic of Hthark: 30 Points

                                        A worn token of iron and bone from the entombed remains of the greatest Bull Centaur ever to live, this relic grants the protection of the Father of Darkness.

                                        The character wearing this has a 5+ Ward Save.

                                        Ichor Charm: 20 Points

                                        This pendant was crudely crafted by Hobgoblin Shamans from the bone and blood of daemons, granting protection against all magic that would harm the wearer, save for the dark arts which brought the charm into being.

                                        Bearer gains a 4+ Ward Save against wounds caused on him by spells, except for those from the lores of Nurgle, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh.

                                        Chaos Dwarf Arcane Items

                                        Infernal Distillery: 50 Points

                                        This small construction resembles a strange hourglass welded to a series of pipes, scales and valves, a delicate balance of mysticism and machinery. It siphons off excess magic from the wearer into the air, preventing magical errors from turning into fatal disasters.

                                        The bearer cannot roll on a Miscast Table. If he needs to roll on a Miscast Table for any reason, the spell he was trying to cast just fails as though he did not meet the Casting level.

                                        Bull Icon: 35 Points

                                        This ruby eyed golden icon was found by the first Sorcerer of Hashut, who coveted it until he finally turned to stone. Plucked from his stone hands by his apprentice, it is said that the bovine statuette allows the Sorcerer to commune with Hashut himself.

                                        The bearer has +1 to Cast for all spells from the Lore of Hashut.

                                        Horned Staff: 35 Points

                                        Carefully crafted from the bones of liches and the tainted black iron of the Broken Teeth, The eyes of the horned skull on this staff flare with power, power drawn from the wizard’s defences.

                                        All spells cast by the wizard are cast with Irresistible force on a double roll of 5s or 6s. In addition, the wizard generates one less Dispel Dice than normal.

                                        Chalice of Darkness: 30 Points

                                        Sorcerers or High Sorcerers Only

                                        When one properly schooled in the arts of the priesthood drinks from the vile, tarry liquid in this ornate goblet, the Winds of Magic die down. Calming an arcane tempest to a gentle breeze restricts the power of nearby wizards, forcing them to push to their limits to cast spells that would otherwise come easily.

                                        At the beginning of either player’s Magic Phase, you may roll D3 and remove that many dice from both sides Power or Dispel dice pools. Note that you may choose to take Power Dice from the main pool (Basic Dice, Mark of Tzeentch dice, etc) or from individual wizards. The owner of the Chalice chooses which dice are removed.

                                        Third Book of Hashut: 25 Points

                                        This musty tome holds the many secrets of the darker powers of the Realm, as chronicled by the third prophet of Hashut. One who has read it can make contact with such beings, resulting in dark, although not forbidden, pacts for power.

                                        The bearer generates one extra Power Dice.

                                        Brass Homunculus: 25 Points

                                        Arcane Engineer Only

                                        This tiny caged creature is a strange mix of metallic flesh and intricate brass mechanisms, a walking storage for useful, though minor, spells. Such mechanical imps are often crafted as the masterpiece of engineer apprentices.

                                        Bound Spell, Power Level 3. When rolling for spells, choose the first spell of any Lore except the Lores of Light and Life to be bound within the Brass Homunculus.


Chaos Dwarf Enchanted Items

Kazzik’s Scorchey Orb: 45 Points

Hobgoblin Khan-Boss Only

This fiercely glowing orb shines with the colours of fire, the deep black scorch marks on it the result of a series of disastrous experiments by Kazzik, a Hobgoblin Shaman of the Steppes.

The bearer is a Level 1 Wizard and may use the Lores of Fire or Death.

Void Gem of Gnar: 40 Points

One Use Only

This pitch-black gem contains a powerful spell of translocation, that traps the bearer and a foe in a shadowed realm of utter cold and darkness until the enchantment ends. Once used, the gem is left colourless, a flawless diamond, until the darkness slowly seeps back into it so it can be used again.

May be activated at the beginning of any Close Combat phase, after challenges have been accepted or refused. The bearer and one model of the bearer’s choice in base contact are removed from the fight and my not strike blows, nor can they be attacked in any way for the duration of that close combat phase.

Ring of Fire: 35 Points

This trinket is made of cooled volcanic rock, and topped with a gobbet of still-liquid lava, kept in its molten state through enchantment, and containing the fiery might of Hashut. The enchantment is as unreliable as an active volcano, however, and occasionally dies down, the rock hardening until the spell is ready again.

Bound Spell: Power Level 5: Fiery Hands. Every time the spell is successfully cast, roll a D6. On a roll of a 1, this item cannot be used again for the rest of the game.

Wings of Razeph: 35 Points

This strange, dragon-headed device was crafted by the most skilled daemonsmiths of Zharr Naggrund and blessed by the High Sorcerer-Priest of the Cult of the Eternal Flame. Borne on the back of the wearer, it sends him forth on flames of ethereal fire.

The bearer may Fly.

Gauntlet of Bazrokh: 25 Points

This possessed mechanical hand was forged with daemonfire and cursed metal, at the order of Despot Bazrokh, to replace his withered hand. It grants great power to the one it is attached to, but is used at the wielder’s risk, as Bazrokh himself was found strangled behind locked doors.

The bearer has +1S. On a roll of 1 to Hit, treat that attack as though it had hit one friendly model in Base to Base contact, excluding the bearer’s mount. If there are no friendly models in Base to Base contact, the attack misses as normal. Note that these rules do not apply to ranged attacks made by the bearer.

Daemoniak Token: 20 Points

Chaos Dwarf Characters Only

A small and delicately crafted token of bone and marble that seems to swim in and out of existence, these Tokens were created on order of the Council of Sorcerers. They can grant access to the Realm of Chaos to the bearer, protecting him from the warping powers of the dark gods that he might travel alongside those who walk in the Realms.

The bearer may join a unit of Berserkers, following the same rules for entering the battle that they do. More than one character may take this item, but any character with this item may not be the General.

Brand of Servitude: 15 Points

Arcane Engineer Only

This white hot length of metal bears the runes of binding and slavery, used by the overseers of daemonic engines to reinforce their control.

Flaming Attacks. Any Daemonic Engine the Arcane Engineer joins may re-roll any rolls for Rampage.

Chaos Dwarf Magic Banners

Standard of Despair: 75 Points

This banner is one of the few relics left to the Chaos Dwarfs from their time in the west. Formerly emblazoned with runes of courage, the stylised face on the top is now a twisted daemon-head that screams its fury at the enemy, lending the bearers a dreadful aspect.

The unit with this banner causes Fear. If it already causes Fear, it now causes Terror.

Ceremonial Icon: 65 Points

Symbols of Hashut cover this ever-burning banner, instilling the bearers with religious fervour for their Bull God. It is said that the flames that eternally rage on the black cloth of the standard were started by Hashut himself, taken from the column of fire that guided the Dawi Zharr through the Darklands.

The unit with this banner is Stubborn. Brotherhood of Hashut units with this banner have +1 Combat Resolution.

Bull Standard: 50 Points

The flaming brazier that tops this golden bull-headed standard roars with an unnatural strength, filling those around it with the power of Hashut. The crimson flames flare up with every enemy killed, the blood of the foes of Hashut fueling the fire.

Bound Spell: Power Level 7: Ward of Flames. This Bound Spell may only target the unit that carries this banner.

Banner of Slavery: 40 Points

A selection of the heads of slaves from all races hang from the poles of this standard, alchemically preserved and constantly gibbering pleas for mercy. Normally this macabre totem stands high on the battlements of the Black Tower, but in times of war it is born forth to battle, a grim reminder of the punishment that awaits those who fail the Chaos Dwarfs.

All Hobgoblin units with 12" must re-roll all failed Psychology and Break tests.

Ash Totem: 40 Points

The embodiment of the corruption of nature within the Darklands, a black cloud of ash drifts around this standard. Although certainly uncomfortable for the bearer, it conceals his fellow warriors from those who would do them harm from afar.

Missiles fired at the unit carrying this banner suffer -1 to hit.

Black Cogs of Compulsion: 25 Points

The strangely shaped cogs that whirr irregularly on the poles of this standard contain dark enchantments that force the legs of its bearers to move in time with them, regardless of their physical limits.

At the start of their Movement Phase, the unit carrying this standard may choose to move 2D6" rather than their normal speed.


Upgrades marked * are only available to the Earthshaker and Hellcannon.

Daemonic Warmachine: Any upgrade including this means that an Earthshaker must use the Daemonic Warmachine Misfire Table.

Chaos Disruption: 50 Points

A dense heat haze rises from the ground around the machine, distorting the air and breaking the focus of those who try to concentrate on it. The crew operating these engines are known to go blind, or see strange things from the corners of their eyes.

Shooting at the warmachine has a -1 To Hit Penalty.

* Diabolic Payload: 35 Points

A malicious horde of tiny, minor daemons swarm from the detonations of the engine’s missiles, picking flesh from bone and clawing at the eyes of those who get too close in their brief time in the material plane.

Daemonic Warmachine. Any unit that is hit at least once by the warmachine in the Shooting Phase take an additional 2D6 S2 hits with a -2 Armour Save modifier.

Daemon Bile: 25 Points

The foul spirit bound inside the warmachine can spew out acidic bile, daemonic fire, or any manner of deadly and disgusting substances, burning through the armour and flesh of those who oppose it.

Daemonic Warmachine. The warmachine gains the Spew Ichor special rule.

Spell Eater: 25 Points

The daemons trapped within the shell of this diabolical engine thirst for the cool gush of magic to quench the flames that burn in the bowels of its metallic belly.

Daemonic Warmachine. The warmachine counts as having a Dispel Scroll.

* Malevolent Intellect: 25 Points

A brooding and malevolent intelligence lurks within the machine’s iron shell, guiding the shells and rockets it spits with an uncanny accuracy. Many are the regiments who have seen an Earthshaker Shell almost spin in the air, as though tracking the blood of the foe.

Daemonic Warmachine. The warmachine can re-roll the Scatter Dice once per turn.

* Ethereal Flames: 20 Points

A sign of Tzeentchian daemons bound to the ammunition, multicoloured flames swirl around the craters left by the warmachine. The strange firesdance and whirl, twisting and mutating that which should have simply burned.

Daemonic Warmachine. Any unit that is hit at least once by the warmachine in the Shooting Phase takes an additional D6 SD6 hits.

Chain Gang: 20 Points

Pierced with hooks and spikes, branded and chained together, these slaves have a simple choice; fight to the death or be used as living ammunition!


Slave 4 2 2 3 3 1 2 1 4

The Crew are accompanied by 6 Slaves on 20mm bases. These Slaves are Unbreakable whilst one Chaos Dwarf still operates the warmachine. The Slaves will take all wounds from missile fire, and will rank up in front of any Chaos Dwarfs in Close Combat. They are treated as part of the crew for fighting and the allocation of wounds, but cannot operate the machine itself.

Dark Engine: 15 points

A warmachine of legendary success in battle has been brought to war, inspiring the Dawi Zharr around it to be strong for the dark path before them.

As long as it has at least one Chaos Dwarf crew still operating the machine, any unit of Chaos Dwarfs within 6" may re-roll failed Panic tests.

Reaper Fury: 25 points


The Soul Reaper may fire twice in a single round of shooting, rolling for misfires as normal.

Soul Reaper only

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Maximum Characters:

1-1999 Pts: 3

2000-2999 Pts: 4

3000-3999 Pts: 6

4000-4999 Pts: 8

+1000 Pts: +2

Maximum Lords:

1-1999 Pts: —

2000-2999 Pts: 1

3000-3999 Pts: 2

4000-4999 Pts: 3

+1000 Pts: +1

Minimum Core Units:

1-1999 Pts: 2+

2000-2999 Pts: 3+

3000-3999 Pts: 4+

4000-4999 Pts: 5+

+1000 Pts: +1 Minimum

Special Units:

1-1999 Pts: 0-3

2000-2999 Pts: 0-4

3000-3999 Pts: 0-5

4000-4999 Pts: 0-6

+1000 Pts: +0-1

Rare Units:

1-1999 Pts: 0-1

2000-2999 Pts: 0-2

3000-3999 Pts: 0-3

4000-4999 Pts: 0-4

+1000 Pts: +0-1


                                      • -


                                        CHAOS DWARF OVERLORD…120 Points
                                        ����������������������M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Chaos Dwarf Overlord���� 3��7��4 4 5 3 4 4 10

                                        Equipment: Hand weapon & heavy armour.


                                        - May take a Great Weapon (+6 pts), a halberd (+6 pts) or an additional hand weapon (+6 pts).

                                        - May take a Blunderbuss (+15 pts).

                                        - May wear Stone armour (+12 pts), or carry a shield (+3 pts).

                                        - May choose to ride a Mechanical Mount (+85 pts).

                                        - May choose magic items from the Common or Chaos Dwarf or Automaton Upgrades lists, with a maximum total value of 100 pts.

                                        HIGH SORCERER…190 points
                                        ���������������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        High Sorcerer����*��4��3 4 5 3 1 1 10

                                        Weapons: Hand weapon.


                                        - May take a Great Weapon (+6 pts).

                                        - May choose to ride a Palanquin (+100 pts), a Lammasu (+130 pts), or use a pair of Steam Legs (+30 pts).

                                        - The High Sorcerer is a level 3 wizard. This may be increased to level 4 at a cost of +35 pts.

                                        - May choose magic items from the common or Chaos Dwarf magic items list, with a maximum total value of 100 pts.

                                        Special rule: * (see Stony Skin)

                                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


                                        DESPOT…65 points
                                        ������������M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Despot������3��6��4 4 5 2 3 3��9

                                        Equipment: Hand weapon & heavy armour.


                                        - May take a Great Weapon (+4 pts), a halberd (+4 pts) or an additional hand weapon (+4 pts).

                                        - May take a Blunderbuss (+10 pts).

                                        - May wear Stone armour (+8 pts), or carry a shield (+2 pts).

                                        - May choose magic items from the Common or Chaos Dwarf magic items list, with a maximum total value of 50 pts.

                                        SORCERER…65 Points
                                        �������������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Sorcerer������ *��4��3 4 4 2 2 1��9

                                        Weapons: Hand weapon.


                                        - May take a Great Weapon (+4 pts).

                                        - May choose to use a pair of Steam Legs (+30 pts).

                                        - The Sorcerer is a level 1 wizard. This may be increased to level 2 at a cost of +35 pts.

                                        - May choose magic items from the common or Chaos Dwarf magic items list, with a maximum total value of 50 pts.

                                        Special rule: * (see Stony Skin)

                                        ARCANE ENGINEER…70 points
                                        ���������������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Arcane Engineer������3��4��5 4 4 2 2 2��9
                                        Equipment: Hand weapon & heavy armour.


                                        - May choose either a pistol (+5 pts) or a brace of pistols (two pistols, +10 pts)

                                        - May also choose a Great Weapon (+4 pts), and/or a Blunderbuss (+10 pts).

                                        - May choose to ride a Mechanical Mount (+85 points)

                                        - May choose magic items from the common or Chaos Dwarf magic items list, with a maximum total value of 50 pts.

                                        Special rule: Forge Master

                                        HOBGOBLIN KHAN…40 pts
                                        ������������������ M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Hobgoblin Khan���� 4��5��3 4 4 2 3 3��7
                                        Great Wolf�������� 9��3��0 4 4 1 3 1��3

                                        Equipment:Hand Weapon & light armour


                                        - May have an additional hand weapon (+4 pts), or a Great Weapon (+4 pts), or a spear (+2 pts).

                                        - May carry a shield (+2 pts).

                                        - May choose to ride a Great Wolf (+15 pts).

                                        - May choose magic items from the common or Chaos Dwarf magic items list, with a maximum total value of 50 pts.

                                        Special Rules: Animosity, Expendable

                                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                        Core Units:

                                        CHAOS DWARF WARRIORS…Points/ model: 8
                                        ���������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Warrior����3��4��3 3 4 1 2 1��9
                                        Commander��3��4��3 3 4 1 2 2��9

                                        Unitsize: 10+

                                        Equipment: Hand weapon & heavy armour.

                                        - May take either a great weapon (+2 pts per model) or a halberd (+1pt per model)

                                        - May be equipped with shields (+1pt per model)

                                        - One warrior may be promoted to Standard Bearer for +10 pts

                                        - One warrior may be promoted to Commander for +10 pts

                                        - One warrior may be promoted to Musician for +5 pts

                                        - One unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors in the army may be given a magical banner worth up to 50 pts

                                        BLUNDERBUSSERS…Points/model: 11
                                        ������������������M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Blunderbusser����3��4��3 3 4 1 2 1��9
                                        Commander�������� 3��4��3 3 4 1 2 2��9
                                        Unitsize: 10+

                                        Weapons and Armour:��Blunderbuss, hand weapon & heavy armour.


                                        - Upgrade one Blunderbusser to Musician for +5 pts.

                                        - Upgrade one Blunderbusser to Standard Bearer for +10 pts.

                                        - Promote one Blunderbusser to Commander for +10 pts.

                                        ��������������������M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Hobgoblin���������� 4��3��3 3 3 1 2 1��6
                                        Hobgoblin Khagan����4��3��3 3 3 1 2 2��6

                                        Unitsize: 10+

                                        Equipment: Hand weapon

                                        - May have a spear (+1pt per model)

                                        - May have light armour (+1pt per model), shield (+1pt per model) and/or bow (+3pts per model).

                                        - Upgrade one Hobgoblin to Musician for +5 pts

                                        - Upgrade one Hobgoblin to Standard Bearer for +10 pts

                                        - Promote one Hobgoblin to Khagan for +10 pts

                                        Special rules: Animosity, Expendable

                                        SNEAKY GITS
                                        ����������������M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Sneaky Git������4��3��3 3 3 1 2 1��6
                                        Sneaky Khagan�� 4��3��3 3 3 1 2 2��6
                                        - Units of Hobgoblin infantry may be upgraded to Sneaky Gits at the cost of +3 pts/ model.

                                        - You cannot have more units of Sneaky Gits than regular Hobgoblin infantry.

                                        - Sneaky Gits are armed with a hand weapon and an additional hand weapon, they may not carry any additional equipment or wear armour.

                                        Special Rules: Animosity, Expendable, Poisoned attacks.

                                        HOBGOBLIN WOLFBOYZ…Points/ model: 16
                                        �������������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Wolfboy��������4��3��3 3 3 1 2 1��6
                                        Wolfboy Khagan 4��3��3 3 3 1 2 2��6
                                        Great Wolf���� 9��3��0 4 4 1 3 1��3

                                        Unitsize: 5+

                                        Mount:�� Great Wolf

                                        Equipment: Hand weapon, light armour, shield and bow

                                        - You cannot have more units of Wolfboyz than regular Hobgoblin infantry.

                                        - May have a spear (+1pt per model)

                                        - Upgrade one Wolfboy to Musician for +6 pts

                                        - Upgrade one Wolfboy to Standard Bearer for +12 pts

                                        - Promote one Wolfboy to Khagan for +12 pts

                                        Special Rules: Animosity, Expendable, Fast Cavalry


                                      • -

                                        Special Units:

                                        BROTHERHOOD OF HASHUT…Points/model: 13
                                        ���������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Brother����3��5��3 4 4 1 2 1��9
                                        Prophet����3��5��3 4 4 1 2 2��9
                                        Unit Size: 10+

                                        Weapons and Armour: Halberd, hand weapon & heavy armour


                                        - Any unit may additionally have shields for +1 pt/ model

                                        - Upgrade one Brother to Musician for +6 pts.

                                        - Upgrade one Brother to Standard Bearer for +12 pts.

                                        - Promote one Brother to Prophet of Hashut for +12 pts.

                                        - Any Brotherhood of Hashut unit may be given a magical banner worth up to 50 pts.


                                        Special Rules: Hashut’s Chosen, Stubborn.

                                        IMMORTALS…Points/model: 16
                                        ���������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Immortal�� 3��5��3 4 4 1 2 1��9
                                        Eternal����3��5��3 4 4 1 2 2��9
                                        Unitsize: 10+


                                        Weapons and Armour: Great weapon, hand weapon & Stone Armour


                                        - Upgrade one Immortal to Musician for +6 pts.

                                        - Upgrade one Immortal to Standard Bearer for +12 pts.

                                        - Promote one Immortal to Eternal for +12 pts.

                                        - Any unit of Immortals may be given a magical banner worth up to 50 pts

                                        Special Rule: Immune to Psychology

                                        BATTLERAGERS…Points/model: 65
                                        �������������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Battlerager����4��4��2 5 5 3 0 2��9
                                        Unit Size: 3+

                                        Weapons and Armour: Two metal fists.


                                        - Any unit of Battleragers may purchase a single upgrade from the Automaton Upgrade list.

                                        Special rules: Daemonic Attacks, Daemonic Aura, Immure to Psychology

                                        ROCKETEERS… Points/ Team: 20

                                        NOTE:��1-2 units count as 1 Special Choice.
                                        ���������������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Rocket team������3��4��3 3 4 2 2 2��9
                                        Unit Size: 1 - 5 Rocket Teams. A Rocket Team consists of 2 Rocketeers.

                                        Weapons and Armour: Heavy Armour and hand weapons.

                                        Equipment: 1 Rocket Launcher per Rocket Team.


                                        - Additional Rocket Teams can be added for +20 points per team

                                        - Any unit may replace Death Rockets with Hellfire Rockets for +15 points/ team.

                                        - Any unit may replace Death Rockets with Daemonic Rockets for +15 points/ team.

                                        Special Rules:

                                        Cavalry Base:

                                        Rocket teams consist of 2 Rocketeers on a cavalry base. Treat them exactly like cavalry models except where otherwise specified. This means they have a Unit Strength of 2 and (wearing heavy armour) they get a 4+ armour save. This also explains their two attacks.��The Rocketeers are the same size as regular Chaos Dwarf infantry.


                                        Rocketeers are a skirmishing unit made up of Rocket teams.��Wounds are distributed as normal throughout the unit.��Casualities are removed as complete bases when 2 wounds have been sustained.��After suffering 1 wound a team will only be able to fire every other turn.

                                        Move and Fire:

                                        Rocketeer units may move and fire.��Being Chaos Dwarfs able to carry heavy loads, the Iron will and Unyielding special rules also apply.

                                        Rocket Launcher:

                                        Rocket Launchers require Line of Sight.��On the roll of a 1 to hit the unit has misfired and must test on the Misfire Table.��Damage is dependant upon the type of missile being fired.

                                        Death Rockets

                                        Units of Rocketeers always fire Death Rockets as their basic missile. Packed with explosives, they can tear through lightly armoured units with ease.
                                        ��������������Strength�� Range�� Hits�� Notes
                                        Death Rocket����4��������18"����D3������Armour Piercing
                                        Being more reliable than other rockets and having been tested thousands of times over the years, deduct 1 from any roll on the Rocketeer Misfire table.

                                        Hellfire Rockets

                                        Hellfire Rockets contain a deadly alchemical fire that will burn quickly through heavy armour and is hard to extinguish.
                                        ����������������Strength�� Range�� Hits�� Notes
                                        Hellfire Rocket����5������ 18"������D3����Flaming
                                        Daemonic Rockets

                                        These rockets have had the terrible energy of a daemon bound into them. Whilst this malign intelligence can make the rockets more accurate and deadly, they can also cause terrible damage in the battle lines of the Dawi Zharr.
                                        ������������������������������Strength����Range�� Hits������Notes
                                        Daemonic Rocket������4������������18"������ D3+1�� Magical
                                        Being the most unstable and unreliable of rockets, it’s a brave general who will dare bring the deadly power of these rockets to battle. Add 1 to any roll on the Rocketeer Misfire table

                                        SOUL REAPER…Points: 90
                                        ������������ M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Reaper�� -��-��- - 7 3 - -��-
                                        Crew�������� 3��4��3 3 4 1 2 1��9
                                        Number of Crew: 3

                                        Crew’s Weapons and Armour: Hand weapon, heavy armour

                                        Base Size:[/b]��Although the machine can be modelled as being carried by 2 crew, they are treated as being based on 20mm bases.

                                        Options:[/b]��Upgrades may be chosen from the Warmachine Upgrades list, with a maximum total value of 60 points.

                                        Move and Fire

                                        The crew of the warmachine may move and fire, though whilst they are weighed down with the weight or busy loading the machine they may not use the Iron Will special rule.

                                        Firing the Soul Reaper

                                        Choose a target within Line of Sight and with a maximum distance of 24" of the Soul Reaper. Throw 2D6, should these result in a double, use the result of the Malfunction Table.��Then add a number depending on the distance to the target.

                                        Within���� Add		������

                                        The enemy target unit suffers as many wounds as the result is higher than its leadership. No armour save is allowed.

                                        BERSERKERS…Points/ Model: 15

                                        NOTE:��You may take 1 unit of Berserkers per Sorcerer or High Sorcerer in the army.

                                        ������������ M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Berserker����3��4��3 4 4 1 2 2 10
                                        Dark Chanter 3��4��3 4 4 1 2 3 10

                                        Unit Size: 10-25

                                        Weapons and Armour: Hands, claws and the occasional mutated limbs.


                                        - One Berserker may be upgraded to a Dark Chanter for +20 points. The Dark Chanter counts as both a Champion and a Musician.

                                        Special Rules: Summoned, Frenzy, Immune to Psychology, Daemonic Aura and Daemonic Attacks

                                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                        Rare Units:

                                        CENTAUR GUARD…Points/model: 29

                                        ������������������M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Guard������������ 7��4��3 4 4 1 2 2��9
                                        Hand of Hashut����7��4��3 4 4 1 2 3��9

                                        Unit Size: 5+

                                        Weapons & Armour: Great weapon, hand weapon & heavy armour.


                                        - Centaur Guards may swap their great weapon for an additional hand weapon for free.

                                        - Upgrade one Centaur Guard up to a Musician for +9 points.

                                        - Upgrade one Centaur Guard up to a Icon bearer for +18 points.

                                        - Promote one Centaur Guard to Hand of Hashut for +18 points.

                                        - A unit of Centaur Guards may carry a banner worth up to 50 points.

                                        Special Rules: Centaurs, Hashut’s Chosen

                                        EARTHSHAKER… Points/ model: 110

                                        ���������������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
                                        Earthshaker������-��-��- - 7 5 - -��-
                                        Crew������������ 3��4��3 3 4 1 2 1��9

                                        Unit Size: 1 Earthshaker and 3 Crew

                                        Weapons and Armour: The Earthshaker has a 4+ Armour Save. The crew have hand weapons & heavy armour.

                                        Options:[/b]��Upgrades may be chosen from the Warmachine Upgrades list, with a maximum total value of 60 points.

                                        Special Rules: Large Target, Loss of Crew, Firing the Earthshaker

                                        Firing the Earthshaker

                                        Once lodged in the ground the Earthshaker shell detonates, the explosives packed within making the ground shake uncontrollably.

                                        Treat as a Stone thrower with the following exceptions. You may only guess between 12" and 48" for range. In addition to normal damage, once you have worked out where the shell lands, place the large template centred over the point of impact. Any troops under the template are treated as moving through difficult terrain and may not shoot missile weapons next turn. Artillery dice based ranged weapons under the template may only shoot on a 4+. Flyers are not affected as long as they do not use their ground movement.

                                        CHAOS DWARF HELLCANNON… Points/ model: 265

                                        			M WS BS S��T W��I��A Ld
                                        Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon������ -����4����4�� 6��7��6��1��4��9
                                        Crew ��������������������������3�� 4����3�� 3��4��1��2��1��9

                                        Unit Size: 1 Hellcannon and 3 Crew

                                        Weapons and Armour: The Hellcannon has a 4+ Armour Save. The crew have hand weapons & heavy armour.

                                        Options:[/b]��Upgrades may be chosen from the Warmachine Upgrades list, with a maximum total value of 60 points.

                                        Special Rules:[/b]��Large Target, Daemonic Aura & Daemonic Attacks, Terror

                                        Daemonic Machine:��The Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon is Unbreakable.

                                        Mixed Unit: The Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon is treated as a war machine with the exceptions below, the three crew form a unit with the warmachine with a 360 degree arc of sight.��The Chaos Dwarfs will line up on either side of the Hellcannon instead of in front of it, but act as war machine crew in combat.��The unit normally moves at the Chaos Dwarfs’ Movement rate, but will move 2D6" when Rampaging (see below).

                                        Firing the Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon: The warmachine has a range of 60" and fires in exactly the same manner as a stone thrower, with the following exceptions.��The first roll of the Scatter dice may be re-rolled each turn.��Once the point of impact has been resolved any unit that would be hit and is not Immune to Psychology may elect to flee directly away from the Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon before the hit is resolved.

                                        Place the small template with the central hole over the point of impact.��Anything under the template takes a S10 hit, suffering D6 wounds (D6 + 2 against buildings and castle sections).��On a 4+ any model partially hit is affected.��Then place the large template with the central hole over the same point. Any unit affected must immediately pass a Leadership test or flee directly away from the warmachine if they have a model even partially under the large template.��This can affect friend of foe, but not those which are Immune to Psychology.

                                        If the Hellcannon misfires, roll on the Daemonic Warmachine Misfire table.

                                        Spew Ichor:��Instead of firing normally; the Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon can opt to spew out a torrent of daemonic ichor.��Place the Flame template with the narrow end touching the Hellcannon’s maw and the large end aimed at the target.��Determine which models are hit as per a breath weapon, these take a S6 hit.��Any units with a model partially under the template take a Terror test.

                                        Loss of Crew:��If all crew are lost, the test for rampaging must be checked against all units, friend or foe. It will move the 2D6 result rolled towards the nearest unit even if it does not make contact with it.

                                        Rampage:��The Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon may not declare charges.��However, in the Compulsory Moves phase, roll 2D6.��If the number rolled is equal to or greater than the distance between the warmachine and the nearest enemy unit, it will immediately charge into combat with that unit if possible. The charged unit may react as usual, treating the 2D6 result as both the maximum and failed charge range.��When the machine is rampaging or in combat it may only Spew Ichor in the Shooting phase.��It may never pursue.

                                        DOGS OF WAR…Points/ variable

                                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Rocketeer Misfire Table

D6 Roll

0 Normal Fire. The unit fire as normal, no misfires.

1-2 Boom! Somewhere an explosion occurs as rockets are being loaded. A Rocketeer unit is automatically hit by one of their own rockets, working out damage as normal.

3-4 Fizz. The ammunition fails to fire. Normal firing resumes next turn.

5-6 Incoming! Once fired a strong breeze, or minor malfunction, catch the rockets spinning them wildly out of control. They fly 18" in a direction decided by the throw of a scatter dice. Place a large template over the point of impact.��Units under this area automatically suffer D6 hits, with the strength and special rules applied from whatever type of ammuniton is being fired.��These D6 hits will replace the hit profile listed for the ammunition type. This does not require line of sight.

7 Daemonic Spite. In an attempt to get revenge for being bound against their will, the bound daemons take control of the ammunition mid flight. Work out as for Incoming, but your opponent may choose to re-roll the scatter dice.

Daemonic Warmachine Misfire Table

D6 Roll

0. The Soul Reaper has malfunctioned and will not fire this turn, it may fire as normal next turn.

1. The daemonic warmachine breaks free from its cruel masters, killing all the crew. A Hellcannon will also attempt to charge the nearest unit (see Rampage).

2. A massive amount of daemonic energy is suddenly released. One crew member is possessed by daemons, screaming and mutated he dies an extremely unpleasant death…

3. The machines arcane workings snarl and grind, it loses its Daemonic Aura and any other ward saves for the rest of the battle, and will fire as normal next turn.

4. The machine violently shakes as the daemons within fight against their binding. A Hellcannon takes D6 wounds, D3 for the Soul Reaper, with no Armour or Ward Saves allowed.

5. The daemons within the machine go berserk, killing all its crew. It may immediately Spew Ichor if possible.

6. The Hellcannon’s Chaotic energies go haywire, inflicting a wound on every magic user on the battlefield with no Armour or Ward saves allowed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



From a depth unimaginable far below the Mountains of Mourn there dwell the Lammasu and all manner of unusual monsters.��All attempts to track down where they originate from have failed, the creatures arriving at Zharr Naggrund once every century as if they are fulfilling some ancient oath.

����������������������M��WS��BS��S��T�� W��I�� A��Ld
Lammasu������ 6����3���� 0����4�� 5�� 3�� 2�� 3��9
Special Rules: Large Target, Fly, Fear.

Aura of Darkness.

The Lammasu perpetually exhude a thick black smoke from their skin that will temporarily blind many enemies.

Mount and rider are -1 to hit in close combat and are Magic Resistance (1).


Many sorcerers choose to ride to war upon a Palanquin.��These ancient battle platforms are carved with patterns and runic symbols so intricate they are truly masterful works of art.�� Carried by his Acolytes, a Sorcerer can be freed from his limited mobility and bring more destructive magical force down upon his enemies.

A High Sorcerer on Palanquin with 4 Acolytes fights as a single model with Unit Strength 5 (even in challenges).��They are mounted on a 40mm square base, counting as 4 models in a unit��When in a unit the Palanquin is not considered larger than the other unit members.

The Acolytes provide 1 Strength 4, WS 4, Initiative 3 close combat attacks each.��These attacks do not benefit from any weapon (magic or not) the sorcerer has.��They carry the Palanquin at M3.��The Palanquin provides +1 power dice to the rider, adds +2 to the Sorcerer’s Armour Save (to a maximum of 1+), and Magic Resistance (1) to the Sorcerer and Acolytes.

������������������M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Mechanical Mount: 6��4��0 5 5 4 0 4 8
Equipment: Iron Teeth and claws. 4+ Armour Save.

Special Rules: Daemonic Aura & Daemonic Attacks, Immune to Psychology, Fear

Base Size:��50 x 50mm

Automoton Upgrades

You may purchase Upgrades from the list below for Mechanical Mounts or Battleragers. The cost in black is for Battleragers, and the cost in blue is for Mechanical Mounts. Note that the cost is per model rather than per unit.


+1 Strength. +10 +15

Reinforced Armour +5 +10

+1 to Armour Save

Mechanical Monstrosity

+1 Attack +10 +15

Iron Bull +10 +20

+1 Movement

Horns of Brass +10 +15

The unit/mount causes D3 Impact Hits at its base strength on the charge.

Daemon Taurus

Mechanical Mount Only

The mount may Fly, but loses its Armour Save and may not take any other upgrades. In addition, the mount gains the Spew Ichor special rule. +40


[LEFT]�������������������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Zhatan the Black���� 3��7 4��5 5 3 4 4 10[/LEFT]
Equipment:��Heavy Armour, Flesh Tearers.

Special Rules: Frenzy, Immune to Psychology, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Attacks

Walk between Worlds

Ever since his return to the material realm, horrifically scared and on the brink of death, Zhatan has been cursed by a cruel fate.��At any time, day or night his body may begin to phase out of existence, returning back to the Realm of Chaos before appearing again just as suddenly

Every turn on the roll of a 4+ Zhatan is Ethereal.

Red Mist Rising

By some curious twist of fate, Berserkers are drawn to Zhatan from the chaos beyond, appearing on the battlefield in huge berserker armies.

If Zhatan is the general of the army, any Berserker unit he joins may be deployed as normal on the battlefield, or using the Summoned special rule.��In addition, the limitations on taking a unit of Berserkers per Sorcerer or High Sorcerer are removed.

Flesh Tearers

These cursed weapons have been the nemesis of many a foe.��When wielded by Zhatan in his berserker frenzy the cruel metal spikes wreak an almighty carnage, decimating enemy units in a whirlwind of bloody destruction.

The weapons add +2 Attacks

����������������� M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Gorduz Backstabba��4��5��4 4 4 3 5 4 8

Weapons and Armour:��Gorduz wields the Backstabba Sword and wears heavy armour.

Special Rules:

Backstabba Sword:

A weapon carried by every Great Khan since the Dark Land Hobgoblin tribes first acknowledged the position.��Curved and deadly it was forged by the Chaos Dwarfs as a gift for the Hobgoblins to always be ready for war.

The attack profile of Gorduz will vary according to where he attacks an enemy from.

Front = Killing Blow

Sides = +2 Strength, strikes as a normal hand weapon.

Back =��+1 Attack

The sword is covered in the most deadly poisons the Hobgoblins can find, meaning that it always has Poisoned attacks.��

Lucky Git

Like all the Great Khans before him Gorduz has had an extremely long lifespan, far exceeding that of most Hobgoblins.��This may be due to the magical poisons he has taken to build up a tolerance, or it may be because of his incredible ability to survive any assassination attempt thus far.

When Gorduz suffers his last wound, on the roll of 4+ he returns with one wound.��This save can be taken every subsequent time he loses his last wound until he fails the test.

Death from Behind

Gorduz has the power to hire all the Sneaky Gits the Dark Lands can muster, for his golden horde is immense.��When he marches to war the Gits will follow, striking down their enemies from behind before they know what’s hit them.

Gorduz is far too cunning to take over command of a Chaos Dwarf army, therefore he cannot be taken as the army general.��However, if he is present the limitation on taking a standard unit of Hobgoblins per unit of Sneaky Gits is removed.

If Gorduz is deployed with a unit of Sneaky Gits they may deploy as Scouts.

I’m da Boss!

Any Hobgoblin unit within 8" of Gorduz will be exempt from Hobgoblin Animosity due to his terrifying reputation.

ASTRAGOTH…��475 points???
��������������M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Astragoth���� 0��6��3 5 5 4 5 3��10
o Astragoth is a Level 4 Sorcerer and knows all of the Lore of Hashut Spells.

Special Rules:

Stony Skin

Astragoth is the most ancient and powerfull Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer ever to have lived.��As such, although the stone curse has taken effect on his limbs, Astragoth has a 3+ Armour Save to represent the mechanical devices enabling him to move at all.


Fluff needed, its his huge mechanical mount.
��������������M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Khalkotauroi��6��4��0 6 5 5 0 3��8
Equipment:��Thunder Hammer. 3+ Armour Save.

Special Rules: Large Target, Daemonic Aura, Immune to Psychology, Fear

Thunder Hammer:��Khalkotauroi wields this deadly weapon etc…

Hits based on Initiative rather than WS and does D3 Wounds.��I do like the idea of a panic test for wounded units…

Thunderous Charge???:

D3 impact hits on charge?��Might not be going fast enough for that.