[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Protector of the Dead


Interesting theme idea

As per Stone and Steel, there are Dwarf characters within called Clerics of Gazul. Gazul is basically the Dwarf Lord of the Underearth, Protector of the Dead (etc). A lesser Ancestor God that tends to funeral rites and all that.

Main themes (from S&S):

- The main symbol is of a stylised cave (to represent the gateway to the Underearth/ Halls of the Ancestors).

- Another symbol is flames.

- Black cloth with red trim

- Black iron under a black cloak.

Would something like this be cool for a CD hero as well?

What I thought would be good is to have a model covered in dwarf ‘death symbols’; like a skull mask, golden skulls/ bones on armour etc. Maybe even a flaming axe.

An oathstone could be converted to have a low profile cave entrance (with layers of plasticard going to a dip in the middle), and bones etc round the sides. The base from the Tomb Kings Casket of Souls would be good already, just paint all the bone parts as stone or metal and its finished!

Fluff wise this would be an interesting character to be a hero in a CD army, after all, if the guy who’s supposed to tend to your funeral rites is fighting in the front line, you know the army is going to be fighting to the death!

Kera foehunter:

what about a mask of flesh that he wears over his face sort of like this . You can have his beard below coming out and tusk ripping thew the the mouth area

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I imagine that would be difficult to realize, Kera. Most ppl would just think it’s an undead dwarf.

Ghrask Dragh:

I imagine that would be difficult to realize, Kera. Most ppl would just think it's an undead dwarf.
Agreed, it would be a good design for a mask though. You would just have to make it thicker than flesh so it looks metal and add some obvious straps to the back like our hellcannon crew.


Maybe if he had one arm as a skeleton, but flaming

Or maybe for a head, a flaming skull, like ghost rider but with a beard :stuck_out_tongue: