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Hey guys, I am new to the whole chaos dwarf thing, but not new to fantasy, I have played Skaven for many years but am looking for a second army that is both unique and visually pleasing, and chaos dwarves is one of my favourites, now I am looking for some advice on weather or not my first purchase plan is any good or not, I did some research online and I think this may be the best route to start, but I want expert advice:

50 Infernal guard with Handweapons and shields

50 Infernal guard with Fireglaves

4 sets of Infernal guard command

3 Daemon smiths/sorcerer prophets

1 K’daai Destroyer (using the Incarnate elemental of fire as mine)

2 Iron Daemons

2 Magma cannons

2 Deathshrieker Rockets

2 Dreadquake Mortars

2 Siege Giants

2 Hellcannon

I wanted to have a good flesh out of every warmachine, I am holding back on the skullcracker for now simply because I hear the gun on the iron daemon in the better of the two options and free of charge.


Hey dude and welcome to the forum :hat off

Purchasing an army is always a funny (if expensive) endeavour for us nerds! Now, being an elite army CDs can get to 2500 points with a relatively low model count. Looking at your list I would say that if you have to prioritize then go with:

-Daemonsmith: You get a BSB, a Daemonsmith and a Sorcerer Prophet in the same package. Definitely get this.

-50 HW IGs: …Are you sure you need this much? I’ve seldom seen an army list with more than 40…

-50 Fireglaives: Same as above. You could proxy them as Blunderbusses, in which case you are probably not gonna need more than 30.

-IG Command: 2 or 3 (depending on how much you wanna spend) are probably going to be fine.

-Warmachines: Can’t go wrong with these!!!

-Destroyer: A must have. Forge World is going to release their monstrosity around December (or so they claim). If you want to wait…

-Bull Centaurs or Fireborn: You’re probably goin to need 6 of either of these.

-Hobgoblin: You can convert them or buy Nightgoblin proxies, in either case you’re probably going to need them.

Now, if you still feel like expanding your army then go with the Iron Daemons.

-Siege Giant: Who? Seriously, if you are collecting CDs for display then ok, but from a gaming perspective…


well this is kind of my first wave of purchases, next wave I am getting just about everything else, and the main reason for siege giants is because I can just pick up GWs, making it easier access.


Personally for your first wave of purchases I’d not get the giants and get only one mortar and HC.  Use the money to get some K’daai models.

Otherwise you’re investing a lot of money in stuff you presumably haven’t playtested with.

I’d second Skink on splitting the infernal guard differently.

I’d go for:

40 HW & shield
30 fireglaives
30 blunderbuss.


before going head deep into getting 60 fireglaives I sort of want to wait until the official blunderbuss models come out, I sort of have bad luck on buying something and than the official models get announced a month later, also I really hope forgeworld releases greatweapon infernal guard soon, that looks to be my preferred load out, also, I am really considering using the hellcannon grunts as Daemon smiths, since the forgeworld models look more like prophets than smiths.


You might be waiting a while, afaik only one of the FW staff are working on warhammer and that’s Trish doing more monsters.


If you’re looking for an alternative great weapon IG, the Royal Guard from Titan Wargames fit in very well with the mask/helm look that Forgeworld have going on (and cheaper, per man, than FW).

Do we know what Forgeworld have planned for us? I was under the impression that we were sort of finished, as far as new releases were concerned?


well they recently released our bull centaur hero if thats a sign of more fleshing out of our essentials.
@Drakkan, thanks for giving me a heads up on those models, they look pretty stellar and shouldnt look out of place at all!


They’re awesome, aren’t they? I’ve got a parcel of two-dozen of them, along with some of the character models, waiting at the post sorting office for me - I’ll be picking them up after work tomorrow, and the wait is killing me! The guy who makes them (Baggronor) is on the forum here, and if you’re any good with greenstuff, his thunderer to blunderbuss conversions might be inspiring for you?


If you’ve got the money upfront for all those models that’s awesome. Just don’t fall into buyer’s remorse.

I’ve done this with night runners, old storm vermin, and the ogre hunter. Buy the core necessities, play test with proxies on the more unusual items and kdaai can be converted easily.