[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Radio: Episode 6 - Hashut's Blessing Takes the Reigns

Hashut’s Blessing:

Chaos Dwarf Radio #6
Thursday, March 11th, 2010
New single host with guest format! Special Guest: Sousunou
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Hello! Once I apologise for the umpteenth time for having taken so long to get this up, but real life has a nasty habit like that. Fortunately, the real life problems should be gone in a couple of months' time and things should run far more smoothly then! This episode was primarily recorded on Thursday night, the 11th of March 2010. Lots of content here today and I had to whittle down over an hour of recording into our half hour format, which wasn't too much a problem since a lot of it was umminh and ahing ;)

Today's hosts are Hashut's Blessing and Sousunou.

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Video Tutorials
What video guides are there that you know of? Which have inspired you, if any? What would you like to see guides of in future? What are the pros and cons? Let us know what you think in the linked thread and we'll discuss this in more detail next month, using your comments to influence us.

I must say here that we were really disappointed to have had real life get in the way of discussing the fan-made lists properly, but they are all great lists and I'm hoping to test them next week with Sousunou. I would recommend looking at them as I doubt we could do them justice each anyway. Each one could have half an hour's discussion and still not be looked at in great enough depth. Here's a promotion and hopefully they inspire and are used. Once again, sorry to the guys that put in such hard work on these pieces, but we truly appreciate and enjoy them all!


Excellent work there HB! Download and enjoy everyone.


iTunes picked it up well - now I’m looking forward hearing what you guys have to say.


Good stuff. thanks for contribution HB… The Slaves Are Escaping!!! !


was a good show (I was mentioned, yay! :D)! Sousunous voice was a little low, but it was okay. You did good work wit hosting the show HB! That we have a own shoutcast show makes this site even cooler, yay!


I was MIA! I kind of still am! Exams coming up very soon. :S


I am just hearing it, thanks very much for the work, I am enjoying it! :slight_smile:

The links at the post a botched up tho to the other sites, but one can figure them out almost.


Sorry everyone, cheapo mic. I am really glad I got a chance to do this, it was great fun and really inspired me to get moving with my armies. Unfortunately, I dont get much time for my modeling, but after doing this I will MAKE time.


Edit: As a correction to favourite model, it was the warrior champion, not the thunderer champion.


GREAT job all around you guys. The editing really kept the tempo up, and the banter was quite hilarious throughout.


Hashut’s Blessing:

Apologies to all: I’d have liked to have smoothed out the editing, but I had my dissertation to get done, I wanted to get this out and ready for you swiftly (although it took over a week O.o ), I had to figure out how to upload it properly (which still required help!) and every half a second of editing took a 60-120 seconds to process, resulting in 20 hours of editing to get about 3/4 of this done.

Hopefully, you can all still enjoy it and the next one will hopefully be smoother!


The editing sounds quite funny. It’s like no one is taking a breath between sentences. Don’t worry about keeping it as a 30 minute podcast, just aim for 30 and keep it below 60. The tone of Hashut’s Blessing made me think of Garth Merenghi.