[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Runes?


Do Chaos Dwarfs use runes? How would normal “pure” runes react to “chaotic” runes of the Chaos Dwarfs? Presumably the Dwarf runes wouldn’t work for Chaos Dwarfs, or do they not use them because the “enemy” dwarfs use them?

Ancient History:

Chaos Dwarfs are not known to use rune magic. This could be because all of their runesmiths were killed, or lacking Ancestor Gods never learned rune magic in the first place, or they simple eschew it in favor of sorcery - some sources suggest that Chaos Dwarf sorcery actually evolved from rune magic, but there’s nothing definite about that.

That’s not to say that Chaos Dwarfs don’t use runes in their magic and magic weapons, but they’re not the same as Dwarf runes - all of the various magical arts in Warhammer use runic inscriptions on magic weapons and items, but they lack the power and stability of Dwarf runes.


My thoughts were that the CD’s no longer followed the Ancestor Gods and started to focus on Dark Sorcerys. And I’d say that the only rune that has any power is the rune of Hashut, but it doesn’t get it’s power like other dwarf runes.